Tuesday, January 30, 2018

My #OneWord365 2018

I entered 2018 resistant to having a word or Bible verse of the year. Though this tradition has been formed through words God has placed on my heart, I was admittedly over the hard lessons they were teaching me. These past few years have challenged me to let go, be more vulnerable than comes natural, and take some risks. Risks aren’t my thing.

However, as I was totally at peace without a word, God nudged me with reminder that I would have learned the lessons declared word or bible verse or not.

Well played, God.

My control over those lessons is actually close to zero but the faith filter through which I choose to process changes the way I see things.

So, I guess I will accept the word God has repetitively brought to mind since the new calendar was placed on my wall.


First and foremost I seek to honor God. I want to listen. Like really listen. I pray that my life purposes grander than myself and that my faith is evidenced in how I live my life.

I want to honor my work in the church. Last year myself, my team, and an awesome group of volunteers successfully grew children’s ministry in new ways. I still enter each day excited about what I get to do next and how I might get to successfully bond families and bring faith alive in a sensical way to the children in their everyday world. This is an incredible privilege.

I want to honor my family and not let what could be constant demands of my work or temptations of technology distract me from meaningful and important time that belongs to them. Drawing boundaries to create more quality moments is critical to a well-balanced life. And they are simply the best.

I want to honor my friends, dance students and other blessings in my life, ensuring that the chaos of life does not get in the way of being present and making time for what matters. I want to be intentional about creating important space, aware that what we make time for is always a matter of choice.

And, I want to honor myself. My own body. I know many of my mom friends will understand with the many hats we wear taking care of our own self can easily go by the wayside. I’ve been more intentional, of recent, to care in different ways for the one body I’ve been given this side of Glory. I know it'll affect the number of healthy days I see and it makes it worth refocus for a better future. Maybe I’ll go crazy with some naps and enjoyment reading mixed in there, too. J

I won’t get this perfect, I know.

And, honestly, I think I do decent at these efforts now.

But God is challenging me to really keep the word front and center, so I shall honor my God in doing so J

I’m off to a good start.

Did you choose a #OneWord365?


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