Saturday, June 3, 2017

How to Throw a Peppa Big Birthday Party

Oink! Oink!

When Ava said she wanted a Peppa Pig birthday party it came as no surprise. The girl cannot get enough of this delightful pig our other girls cannot stand😂 

Wanting a party outdoors, I went into PTA mom party planning mode because five and six year olds aren't too hard to impress.

First the girls played "Musical Mud," simply musical chairs played with Peppa Pig music and muddy puddles, which I made from paper bags. 

Peppa and her brother, George, love jumping in muddy puddles so they jumped on each spot as they circled.

Then, since Peppa's favorite food is spaghetti, or as she calls it, p'sketti, we did a noodle relay. Prior to the party we cooked the spaghetti noodles and let them cool. Then, dividing the teams in half, they raced noodles down to their bucket using a sand shovel because Peppa loves to play at the beach.

Since we had an odd number of girls my man stepped in to help. They thought he was hilarious. Charlie's such an awesome dad.

Next it was time for food, and each girl made their own Peppa cupcake.

Giving each one a plain cupcake, they frosted it with pink frosting, added two triangle pieces of pink wafer crackers for the ears, candy eyes from Target, and half of a large marshmallow for the nose with pink icing for the nostrils, they were cuteness. 

The pink cups with nostrils were used for drinking and princess napkins highlighted Peppa's love of dressing up.

Based on the bubbles episode, we had a "who can make the biggest bubble" contest, and we carried that fun through in their take home treats with Peppa printables

Inside was sidewalk chalk  (after the episode where Peppa's mom draws a crown and wings around her), bubbles, and a pool ball (since Peppa loves playing with balls) inside a sand bucket and shovel container so these girls can enjoy the beach themselves. It made for a perfect welcome to summer.

And now our baby is six. 

We had so much fun celebrating her!


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