Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Real Mom Confessions

They're baaaaaaack.

Maybe not every week because I'm going to have to adjust to this back-to-school schedule/working full time combo but they are here today and will be again. I would hate for you to miss out on your laughter at the expense of my kids and boy have their been some doozies lately.

1. "I've worn these underwear for two months."

This is what Ava reported in front of friends. Clearly she has no perception of time. She gets a fresh change of undergarments with every bath, I assure you.

2. "Mom, I was thinking we could go to that one place to eat. What is it called? I can't remember exactly. We haven't been there in a long time. Fu __ __ ruckers?

This unfortunate error happened in my office. In church! Insert me having a heart attack. "Oh my gosh, that is a swear word! Shut the door. Begin to pray." And that's how I handled that. Thankfully it was a quiet time and I don't think anyone else was around.

3. "Everyone will have their own room except mom and dad because they love each other. They kiss in the night."

WHAT IN THE WORLD?! Grace, Hannah, and Ava were talking about the new room being built and what this meant for them when Ava shared this with the teacher at back to school open house. Charlie just left the room.

Nesdahls out.

Have a great week, parents! No matter what happened, just keep swimming :) We got this!

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