Monday, June 20, 2016

#HeLovesMeSo {Sharing Love with Flat Jesus}

Earlier this summer our youth pastor put together Take Out Church boxes for families to enjoy. Hot and ready, they allow families to taste Jesus' love when they are away for the weekend (or as desired during the week) through Scripture reading, directed discussion, a prepared activity, and prayer. The Nesdahl girls were all over it and couldn't wait to dig in.

Included in the box were a few Flat Jesus sheets to color and place in their backpack or take along when we leave our house, reminding the girls that Jesus is with them. The girls loved this, but they also decided they want to share the Jesus love. So, they made copies, colored them, each chose someone they wanted to encourage, and wrote in the upper corner a Scripture verse they wanted to share (on their still my mama heart). Grace informed me that Flat Jesus also needs the hashtag #HeLovesMeSo so that we can see his travels.

I wrote

Flat Jesus is here to remind you that you are loved. Read the verses on the paper and add one before mailing it to the next person. You can write verses on the back or attached sheets of paper too. If you wish, take a pic and hashtag it #HeLovesMeSo. Jesus is alive and active in the world. Who will you encourage.

And we got ready to mail them to their designated recipients.

They were so excited!

And, within minutes, others were excited about it too.


Here is an online printable of the same Flat Jesus. Simply write the hashtag below His feet and the note wherever you wish on the paper.

#HeLovesMeSo is a reminder the world is in need of.

Join us :)

*Thank you to Pastor Sami for your hard work in preparing Take Out Church boxes. I'm sure it consumed many hours, but it is already bearing fruit.

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