Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Real Mom Confessions

Hey, friends! My broken finger is finally healing - albeit still swollen - but it's no longer stopping me from typing OR dancing. Last weekend was the dance recital. My girls were incredible and I kicked it like cool cats with 32 other alumni. Clearly Jesus did not deem the fish nets reason to return :) All the Nesdahl ladies had a blast.

Though my computer work was on hiatus funny mom moments were not. Let's get to some real mom confessions.

1. "Some people only sleep in underwear," This is what one of the girls told one of our pastors. Why? I don't know. It had nothing to do with the conversation and both myself AND my husband sleep in pajamas. They do not see this in their life or the TV shows they are allowed to watch so why they decided to verbally vomit this to our pastor of all people I do not know. Jesus, be near.

2. The fire department visited the neighbor's house the other day because their carbon monoxide detector went off and Ava serenaded them with "Happy Birthday" as they made way into the house. It was no one's birthday.

3. One of the girls' dance teachers is pregnant. Ava told me she wanted to go say goodbye to Miss Amanda so we go up to her and Ava says, "When that baby kicks, how is it going to get out?" Ummmmm, WHAT happened to "goodbye?!" Thankfully, she found herself some juice on the way out and completely forgot about her question.

4. I love my robe and pajamas. Like maybe to a weird degree. So, in the winter, it gets dark at like 4:30 here, which means when we get done with our daily activities I can just come home and get in my PJs. I'm not going out in the dark. Well, now it is light until 9ish so I'm going to have to change my tune but this habit is not easy to break. Feel for me people. I will be the crazy mom if I have my PJs on when kids are still in my yard. Since the girls' bedtime is 8pm I thought that was a safe transition time but apparently not. My man put down new mulch last night and wanted me to see it at 8:45 so guess who checked out the spruced up front yard landscaping in her robe and pajamas? That's right, yours truly.

I hope you've had an amazing few weeks. The school year is coming to a quick end so I'll be returning tomorrow with what our family is going to do for a simple summer faith activity.  Be sure and check back if you're looking for something to do in your home :)

xx Melissa

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