Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Real Mom Confessions

Happy Wednesday, y'all. I had something special planned for today but I need to limit my typing due to what will be the first real mom confession. Let's get going.

1. I think I broke my pinky finger playing tetherball. I LOVED the game as a kid and the older two girls play it at recess now so we thought it would be fun to have a Nesdahl family tournament. In the match against the my stud muffin I was beating him *awesome* when I hit the pole due to my super strong follow through. My whole hand went numb and I galloped my way out of the circle, writhing in pain. My man? He was so focussed on victory he FINISHED THE GAME OUT before checking on me to ensure the win. Whatever, man. Watch out. When I come off the injured reserve I will be unstoppable. In the meantime, I taking Motrin and limiting pinky movement. Being a fun mom is risky business.

2. I put in a call to our pediatrician office and didn't hear back all day. This is weird. They always call right away, so I was venting my frustration + surprise and a friend said, "Check your blocked calls?" What blocked calls is a thing? Apparently. And sure enough, I'd missed like seven calls over the year. I totally came clean with the pediatrician's office the next morning but everyone around me at dance got a pretty good laugh out of the deal. Now that I know I can block calls, you better believe I'll be using it for unwanted spam calls. It was a mixed bag discovery.

3. Yesterday Ava turned five. I remember when they placed her in my arms and now my baby celebrated the "kindergarten right of passage" birthday so don't even ask me how I felt about that. In true girl form, she woke up asking to go shopping for shoes and with a fancier lunch request. The good news for us is that no date will be able to afford her before we give our blessing. Bonus. Anyway, it was a crazy day and we didn't get her gift wrapped before she informed us she wanted to do cake so you know what we did? "Hey, Ava, close your eyes and when we say 'surprise' pop your eyes open to find out your present."

We can't be awesome all the time and there were perks. NO CLEAN UP NECESSARY.

I hope you had a great week and if you have a little one that might enjoy learning about God through nature make sure you get in on the Owlegories giveaway! And, to all of you that messaged me about how the free Date Makers & Breakers printable created good discussion in your home, I'm so very humbled. Keep up the good work of invested parenting!

xx Melissa

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