Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Pouring Acts of Faith: An Acts 1:8 Family Mealtime Discussion Activity

The Nesdahl girls love mealtime discussion activities. Typically I build them around church or holiday seasons, so when they shared tonight that they'd like to do something special the calendar wasn't exactly my friend. Yes, we are technically still in the Easter season but as far as kids are concerned, the main build up and events are over. Thanks for nothing, April.

Or so I thought.

Then my mind wandered to last Sunday's sermon on Acts 1:8 and I was back in business. The Holy Spirit is within us and we are meant to be the church to the world.

So how might we come alive and live as an Easter people?

The Nesdahls are going to practice pouring out our faith. Both in how we live it and see it in community around us.

I KNOW we're a sixth of the way into April, but I say better late than never. We can get these faith-conversations going anytime, moms and dads. Don't let the calendar or anything else tell you otherwise.

How is this going to work? I've listed 30 different ways we can see the Holy Spirit at work in people. This is not a magic list and could be tailored to include whatever you want. I found the fruits of the spirit Scripture (Galatians 5:22-23) super helpful. Nine attributes = nine days. Thanks, Paul, you're my new best friend. I wrote each on a piece of paper, folded it, and put them in a pitcher, hence the activity name. Starting tonight, we will draw one attribute/action. Tomorrow night when we sit down to the dinner table, we'll each say how we extended it and where we saw it in our day from someone else. Then we'll draw a new one for the following day. Make sense?

Obviously we won't get through all 30 this month since we're starting late, but my hubby reminded me that just like I give permission not to be tied to the calendar to start we need not be to end so into May we'll go.

Here is our list of attributes and actions:
1) Love
2) Kindness
3) Joy
4) Peace
5) Goodness
6) Gentleness
7) Self-Control
8) Faithfulness
9) Forbearance (patience)
10) Hope
11) Courage
12) Understanding
13) Strength
14) Forgiveness
15) Generosity
16) Caring
17) Life-giving (nice) words
18) A smile
19) Pick up trash
20) Bravery
21) Listening
22) Inviting someone to play/Invitation
23) Pray
24) Being polite
25) Loving the unique person God made you to be
26) Expressing thanks
27) Put someone else first
28) Say "I'm sorry"
29) Singing
30) Laughter

I'm so excited to piggyback on Pastor Sami and Pastor Tim's incredible teaching with this practical application in our home (sermon at minute 13, kid talk after the song that follows). I don't know if it will work perfectly. I don't know if the children will understand every word precisely. But, I really don't care. The goal is merely to mindful, intentional about being God-focussed, and see the Holy Spirit at work around us. Whatever they say is good enough because they'll be trying.

The Lord's given us a blessing and we're set to live it out. We welcome you to join us.

xx Melissa

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  1. What a great idea for making connections with the family!

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and your encouraging words! Tonight we had discussion one and it went really well. If you have little ones I encourage you to give it a try in your home!


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