Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Real Mom Confessions

Happy post Easter, friends! Is your house filled with plastic eggs everywhere too? I probably would care if there wasn't candy for me to quality control but I kind of enjoy that job :)

This was a vivid Holy Week for me. All the pain and hope wrapped so tightly within I couldn't identify where one stopped and the other began. I cried at Maundy Thursday. CRIED. I've never cried on Maundy Thursday but you never know how the Spirit will strike. Apparently my focus on the great exchange in Good Friday/Easter lost on me the beautiful invitation to just meet in the darkness and commune. Needless to say, when my pastor I've come to love like a sister blessed me and our senior pastor walked the aisle, personalizing the love of our Savior who knows we are going to struggle and still invites us to the table I was mush. MUSH I tell you. 

Before we get to the funny I just want to pass along this post if it's been a challenging life year for you, too. She writes:
"I want sacred to mean soft, comforting, beautiful, and light. Yet suffering seems to be wrapped up and woven into sacred. I continue to find the holy concealed within the hard, despite my deepest desire to the contrary."
And to that I say, "Amen." Life is messy but God is there. If you have a personal prayer request as you are reading today, I invite you to share in the comments or privately message me. We're a better people when we kneel together.

As Real Mom Confessions go, let's start with some Easter.

Easter Eggs. Providing yearly headaches to parents everywhere. My husband asked me, "How many should we do?" and my response was, "How miserable do you want to be?" At least one always cracks. There are always tears. It is so much rosier than in our heads than in reality. Dying eggs and misery go hand-in-hand.

March Madness. There are have been way to many crazy close games. It isn't good for my blood pressure. Usually my hubby and I don't watch much college basketball during the year but once March Madness hits the five of us fill out brackets and we're all in. The words, "Girls, don't make a mess please. There's some very intense basketball happening now. I can't parent." actually came out of my mouth.

Side note: Shout out to my alma mater, Augustana University, who are the division 2 national champions! GO VIKINGS!

"Charlie, die." *insert all my little loves laughing* This is a very unfortunate quote when your kids are in a different room brushing their teeth. Teachers, if any of them write about their mom telling  their dad to die I was, in fact, handing him a singular dice to a board game we'd just finished playing as a family and volunteered to pick up so that we could move the bedtime train along. I was NOT threatening my man.

Fishnets. The dance recital is coming up and I'm super pumped to be part of the alumni dance. We're dancing to "One" from a chorus line, which I last danced to in 1994ish. Before some of the alumni were born but who's paying attention, really? :) I'll be dawning fishnets for the first time in my life. If Jesus returns before May 13, you'll know why. Save the people :) Being a part of this group is so much fun. Let your kids see you do things you love, mamas. It's good for them. Fishnets, costumes, smiles and all, we're going to rock it when we take the stage :)

In my last Real Mom Confessions I let you all know about the Planted with Hope giveaway. Congrats to Pat Love. Summer reading is coming your way!

Have a great week and know that all privately shared prayer requests will be kept confidential and prayed over.

xx Melissa

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