Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Real Mom Confessions

Since I last left you with Real Mom Confessions the musical went splendid. The little ones sang and danced their hearts out. A surprise visitor came and put a smile on Hannah's face. An older student from the former musical got up, walked to me, and gave me a hug, putting an extra smile on mine. I was reminded that while these musicals are fun they are about so much more than perfectly executed moves and extra time with a great music teacher who just laughs with me when I don't check my child's bag to even know what kind of costume she wears. They're added opportunity to let kids know that I believe in them and am proud of them. That's a win in and of itself.

This parenting gig is difficult work, isn't it? I met with a friend at the new Einstein Bagel/Caribou joint. I love that Jesus says where two or more are gathered there He is too. With this friend coffee table chats always feel like holy ground. We cry. Laugh. Be real. It's good for the soul and I'm so thankful for her. As we spoke, I shared of boundaries I'm considering loosening because it feels right and yet nothing feels easy. No matter how much praying, Bible reading, and book consulting you do, each day is a bit of a crapshoot and we do our best with the time/situation we are in. So, if you're raising kids, give yourself a break and try and laugh at the plot twists. We're all doing our best.

Here ends the meaningful moments of real mom confessions. Just get yourself some people to have these moments with.

Now let's laugh.

Silly Clothes Day. Ava had silly clothes day at school. We can all give gratitude for this agreed upon outfit

because I nixed her PUBLICLY announced plan to wear her underwear OUTSIDE her clothes. At preschool. In a church. Just, no, cutie patootie. Then, when it turned out to be a super nice day, I let her PLAY AT THE PARK LIKE THIS. Please note the facial expressions. They crack me up now. Consult me in another 9 years and I'll let you know if I still feel that way.

Church Email. After talking with one of our pastors on Sunday he requested that Charlie and I send him + a few others from church a video to preview.  You'll recall that my man thinks he's super hilarious, giving himself names in my phone that I'm too dumb to change. That resulted in the end of the email reading like this

Emmmmmkay then.

Barbie Spy Squad. This was our Friday night family movie pick. Now I'm going to be honest with you all. I actually like most Barbie movies. Princess Charm School is especially good. I prefer these to some of the other kid variety movies. BUT, this was an hour and a half of my life I would be sad I couldn't recoup if it didn't involve toddler snuggles the whole time. It is like they tried to marry some kind of Spy Kids intensity with Barbie froofroo and it just didn't work. I was NOT sad to see it end. Let's hurry that one back to the Redbox. Before that thought even completed itself in my mind, my hubby says, "Do you guys want to watch that movie again?"
Me: Do you dislike life?

Daylight Savings Time. FLAT OUT DISASTER. How about in your house? Charlie and I had friends over the night before and the kids thought it was "unfair" they had to go to bed before our company left. They even made a drawing board chronicling how so that we'd be well aware. Because we are so interesting (who knew?), they didn't actually fall asleep before our friends left. Then church came. EARLIER. 8:45am was ACTUALLY 7:45am. Jesus be near because we are going to need added patience and grace. The kids were up on time, of course, because... why not?!?! We dressed, did hair, looked cute, and made our way out the door. But, as we left church the kids were already whining and I didn't have the bandwidth for it because I was tired too."You kids need a nap!" (which they did not take.) Such a lovely thing to be barking at your kids while STILL ON WORSHIP PROPERTY. Fast forward to Monday. I hit snooze because getting up felt brutal. Then, I went downstairs and presented like, "I let you girls sleep as late as possible so you could get good rest and now I need you to hurry and dress while I make your breakfast. What would you like?" Insert June Cleaver smile. Flat out lie. Can we just do away with this nonsense already???

I leave you with this incase you struggled, too.


xx Melissa

PS- There probably will not be a Real Mom Confessions next week with Holy Week. When I'm back on the 30th I'll be announcing the winner of my Tricia Goyer Planted With Hope giveaway. If you haven't entered yet, hop on over and do so right now. Who couldn't use a good book about friendship, community, love, and hope?!

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