Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Real Mom Confessions

It's been a while since I've brought you Real Mom Confessions and I can't believe how many of you have asked and told me you love them. It's good to know all our houses qualify a crazy circus and we find good company in each other.

Let's get going-

1) Hannah's snow gear. I'm SO. OVER. WINTER. We had this nice little spring tease and then BAM a snow storm. Not cool, God, not cool. Needless to say, we had to pull out the winter snow gear again, which was met with awesome eye rolls. Hannah's snow pants have multiple rips in them and stuffing literally fall out. Whatever man, deal. This mom is NOT buying new snow gear at this stage of the game. Since Hannah wrote something in school that says, "Mom and dad, I'd like more clothes because I'm a fashionista" you can imagine how happy this makes her.

2) Refusing to sleep. I love sleep. Like love it and don't get enough of it. My kids have opportunity and resist. My brain cannot make sense of this. Sometimes I wonder how they can be mine. On Sunday, Grace was spacing off, nearly asleep at the lunch table, and I say, "Do you want lay down and take a rest." Her reply? "I'm not tired. I'm lazily looking  through my eyes." WHAAAAAT?!

3) The school musical. The grades one through three musical is in full swing and I'm once again choreographing. I'm sure the music teacher preferred the fall version of me to the spring version because apparently brain function is on the decline. Not only did I have the wrong time in my phone calendar one day, but my child, who has a part in this musical that I have been at school for nearly every day so should therefore be on top of, needs to have her costume to school and I never even opened up her backpack last weekend to find out what she needs. Sorry, Jill! My man is making a quick run to Justice today for the solid green shirt. Our garden spider will be set and have her stuff in the music room tomorrow with one day to spare.

4) Jen Hatmaker's 4 stages of road trip management. We hit stage 2, "Irritated Intervention," TWO blocks from home on our way to CHURCH. It went something like this.
Hannah: I want to watch a movie
Ava: I want to listen to Jesus music
Me: When I was a kid (My man pulls an eye roll so big he can see his brain), we didn't have movies in our vehicles and we survived.
Kids continue to disagree.

Charlie: We'll decide. We bought this van.
My resolve? Play this Jen Hatmaker piece THrOUGh the van for the kids to hear.

Isn't that precious?!😉 Then I was all like, "Now let's all get our worship on!" 

Is this not SPOT on, mamas?

xx Melissa

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