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4 Ways Your Healthy Friendships Bless Your Kids: A Guest Post & Book Giveaway from Tricia Goyer

When I first signed with Books & Such literary agency I had no idea how God would bless me with new friendships. Tricia Goyer is one of those people. Not only is she a successful author, but she has a heart of gold and we "get" each other. Her life is lived is for Christ. She is a mom who prayerfully wishes the best for her children. She has good days and bad days and often we find ourselves working at the same odd hours of the night to get writing accomplished because we've been "mom" all day :)  
I'm so excited to have Tricia here today to share. I know you're going to love her. AND, she has a new book out entitled Planted With Hope that she's letting me give away to one of you! You'll find the book description and entry details below. 
Thank you, Tricia, for your message and for making someone's day with this heartwarming read!   

I say the same thing every time my kids are about to meet one of my friends: “Oh, you're just going to love her!” Because of my work as a writer, many of my friends are also writers, and they are scattered all over the US (and world!). We meet up with friends on road trips, and sometimes my friends visit and stay in our home. Having healthy relationships with my friends is important—not only for me, but for my kids. Here's why:

1. My friendships are a model for my kids. From my friendships my kids learn how to treat friends, how one should be treated, and how to grow relationships in healthy ways. Kids do what we do, not do what we say. If we want our kids to have healthy friendships, we need to model them! Friendship is a skill that is learned, and the best place for your kids to learn it is from YOU. When you are trustworthy, caring, and honest with your friends, you children will learn to be those things, too.

2. My friendships become my kids' friendships. In many cases my friends become my kids' friends, too, as my children grow. My friends usually have great stories to share, and they have great advice. My 23-year-old daughter has great relationships with many of my friends … and I love it because I know that if they share a story or a bit of advice it will be helpful and godly.

3. My friendships give insight into myself. Every time my kids meet one of my friends they walk away knowing me a little better too. When I'm with my friends I'm Tricia, not just Mom. They see different sides of me, and they hear stories about me, too. My kids love learning more about me, and they discover things I'd never think of sharing.

4. My friendships impact my life and my work—and my kids benefit. My most recent novel Planted with Hope is set in Pinecraft, Florida, where the Amish go for vacation. I was blessed to take my family to Pinecraft twice for research and we were able to spend time with my Amish-Mennonite friend Sherry Gore. Pinecraft a beautiful place, and it was fun being able to write about it, but even more importantly Sherry is a beautiful person. What I didn’t realize when I first built a friendship with Sherry is that my kids would benefit. I’m seeing that more and more each day. Any part of my life that impacts me also impacts my kids—and friendships are part of that!

How about you? How do your friendships benefit your kids?

Connect with Tricia:

Tricia Goyer is a homeschooling mom of ten, grandmother of two, and wife to John. A bestselling author, Tricia has published 55+ books to date and has written more than 500 articles. She is a two time Carol Award winner, as well as a Christy and ECPA Award Nominee. Tricia is also on the blogging team at, and other homeschooling and Christian sites.

Tricia volunteers around her community and mentors teen moms. She is the founder of Hope Pregnancy Ministries in Northwestern Montana, and she currently leads a Teen MOPS Group in Little Rock, AR.


About Planted with Hope: 

My newest book is Planted by Hope. It’s the second book in the Pinecraft Pie Shop series. Here’s a short description:

When Hope Miller is offered the plot of land behind the Me, Myself, and Pie shop to start a garden, she jumps at the chance. Finally—some space away from her four sisters! But everyone in town seems to have an opinion about what she should grow and how she should grow it. When the widower schoolteacher, Jonas Sutter, asks if his students at the Amish school can help turn the plot into a community garden, Hope only halfheartedly agrees, wondering if she will ever get the peace and quiet she craves. And will she get anything to grow?

The stories of friendship, community, and unexpected love within these pages will plant real seeds of hope within your heart.

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  1. I loved this blogpost and I think my kids and now grands have benefitted by my friendships because most revolve around church and doing for others. They learn to support their friends and look for what they can get but what they cabn give.

  2. These are 4 important aspects of friendship that I hadn't necessarily thought through. Thanks for encouraging me to do that. As a grandmother of 7, I can look back and see how my friendships did influence my children and how they do tell us about ourselves.

  3. The cover is really beautiful, I love it!


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