Friday, January 15, 2016

The Bookmark Every Kid Should Own

As an author, I obviously love books. Reading is a gateway to learning, imagining, and self-exploration. As the mom of littles, I love reading because I know a student’s ability to read fluently increases success in every subject.

That is why I have to tell you about my family’s new discovery.

The Mark-My-Time booklight.

If you’re child(ren)’s school is anything like ours each student has assigned reading goals. Everyday my girls have been asking me to set a timer. Their goals differ so I'd have timers going off everywhere and kids echoing, "Is that mine? Is that mine?"  While this is a real first world problem, I love that my girls now have their own inspiring timer.

This cool looking booklight can count upward or be set at a specified amount of time that will beep (plus shut the light off) when the goal is set.

The bookmark attaches to pages and an LED light on an arm extends upward to illuminate the page if your child is reading in their bed or on a car trip. Added bonus? If you have a set "lights out" time the bookmark shows clock time as well so no, “I didn’t know what time it was” excuses. *first bump, parents*

This simple tool has naturally increased our girls’ stamina because they are impressed by their accomplishments AND it'll log up to 100 hours of time so they see their achievement quickly blossom, making for happy kids + happy parents.

To find the Mark-My-Time booklight in your area visit their website. Sioux Falls parents, Barnes and Noble or Target.

*I was not asked to review this product. Opinions expressed are solely my own*

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  1. I got one without a light at Kidtopia.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Sioux Falls, people, take note. Aren't then awesome?!


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