Friday, January 29, 2016

Love From Above: A February Family Valentine's Activity

This month we're attending a class held by our youth minister, Pastor Sami (give me a minute to wave to her folks, she's a reader!), on equipping households of faith. I've loved the class for many reasons, but mostly because it's the gathering of people who genuinely care about what works and what isn't with desire to grow the home nurturing environment.

Last week we were talking about exchanging highs, lows, and God-moments. While we do daily highs and lows, God-sightings are not often part of our discussion.

I don't have reason for why other than we've never thought of it. But, my man and I both decided this was a practice we wanted to implement.

It's good for the kids to think about God being with them in the everyday. It's good for us adults to remember that no matter what the weight of the world there are moments of blessing, reminding us He is near.

The next night at dinner we started. "What was your high?" "What was your low" "Where did you see God?" We circled clockwise around the table with meaningful discussion filling in the gaps. When we gathered to the table the next night, Grace asked about our God moments before we could even get to it.

I absolutely love this about children! They are so receptive to trying new things.

This got my wheels spinning.

My family hasn't ever done an ongoing activity for Valentine's Day. Honestly, I find the day kind of overrated. We're supposed to love each other everyday so why the need to focus one calendar day on the emotion besides excuse to get people to buy stuff? I usually find myself telling my husband, "Don't spend a bunch of money on flowers today. The cost of one bouquet could pay our water bill" because I"m totally a Proverbs 31 wife like that. Say a prayer for Charlie. He's a hopeless romantic married to me :)

This year is going to be different, though. We're going to make this new discussion we like into habit.

The items are purchased.

The cute kiddos are pumped, as is the hopeless romantic.

From February one until Valentine's Day, we are each going to write one God-sighting on a foam heart or "XO" of the person's choosing.

I found these at Target in the dollar section. They even have glitter, which is like the ultimate bonus to my littles. I swear that place is like a mini heaven.

Then we went to the Dollar Store because I'm so cheap frugal and purchased a tall candle + some crinkle paper stuff.

I already had a brown tag and knew exactly which verse I wanted to put on it.

Voila. We have a dining room table centerpiece with eternal value.

Pretty cute for only a few bucks, huh? I'm SO EXCITED!

Each night at dinner we'll tape our God-sighting onto the dining room glass sliding doors, giving visual of God's faithfulness in a place we'll all see it every single day.

I can't help but imagine as the moments multiply our trust will grow right along with it.

There's extra foam pieces in the centerpiece for any guests here in early February to participate. I can't stop smiling so clearly this is going to be the best Valentine's Day/season yet. :) One where we focus on the only Love that carries through life.

I think this could work for a single person, couple, or family so if you think it would bless your faith life, give it a try! It took all of a few dollars and 5 minutes to prepare.

xx Melissa

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  1. *wave back. I love the application y'all came up with!

  2. This is such a great idea. Going to try it but will have to go get the stuff tomorrow and begin a day late.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. I'm so glad you are going to give this a try. It was amazing in our home. Never too late to start :)


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