Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Real Mom Confessions

Boy, oh boy, do I have some good stories for you this week. It's been seven days of interesting and busy to say the least. Christmas season is going strong and this week that included the girls' dance program, my candy making tradition with my college roomie, and gratitude for Amazon because I can shop without actually going into stores. We've also been struggling with colds and asthma this week with all three girls, taking a serious toll on both my hours of sleep and my ability to think clearly. I promise you some meaty posts in the future when my brain is able to flesh out meaningful thoughts worthy of your time. Until then, real mom confessions, because....who can't use a laugh?

1. Buffalo Parts. Let's just start with the day my 20 year old self would have never seen coming. I moved buffalo parts from the school back to the museum. As if that wasn't weird enough, I was concerned about the safety of the buffalo skull in my moving vehicle and didn't want anything to happen to it that could potentially cause the school a fee so I BUCKLED IT into my child's safety seat.

2. Ava's Morning Routine. The other morning I heard Ava singing her way through morning preparations. "Clothes on. Eat breakfast. Brush teeth. Put on shoes. And off to school." Apparently a Daniel Tiger song was helping her kick off the day. I let her get into step two before I got out of bed. Why ruin an opportunity to let her grow in healthy independence?

3. Gift Wrap Container. The older two decided to hide from us before bedtime prayers the other night - as if that would ever work, but whatever. One of the two said children decided to sink herself in a gift wrap container allegedly per the suggestion of her sister. Do you know how big a gift wrap container is? NOT BIG. Said child then got stuck and began to cry. I thought I was going to cry too, thinking that we were going to have to get something to cut the container to get said child out. Thankfully, my man was able to pull and angle and dislodge her, at which point I kissed the boo boos that, I imagine, did really hurt and dove into a, "If you make unhealthy choices you are going to have natural life consequences. Injuries being one of them"  speech. I figured it was good learning ground for her t(w)een and young adult years when people are suggesting she do things to and with her body that could cause far worse life pain than skinned knees. Maybe I should have been more sympathetic but God gave us a thinking brain so let's use it. Amen?

4. My T-shirt. Friday was All Pro Dad, which Charlie leads at our school. I was in the office helping gather small papers for a giveaway he was going to be doing. As the principal, vice-principal and I were preparing the items, they were talking to me about my shirt. "Once in a while I wear it during the day, but it's perfect for All Pro Dad or a pajama top," I said.

You guys, THIS is what the shirt looks like

I did NOT mean it like it had to have looked/sounded. Insert me turning 28 million shades of red.

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