Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Real Mom Confessions

Christmas week is here. I don't know about your house but, in mine, the final countdown is on. There are a few things left to be done today. The stockings just aren't going to make it out. And, my hubby's gift isn't going to arrive in time so he's opening a printed picture. At one time in my life this would've driven me crazy. Now my life is crazy and I choose a manageable, enjoyable holiday over idealism. Give yourself a break where need be, too.

On to real mom confessions....

1) Bedtime. I pretty much clock out at 8pm. It is time for little eyes to rest and mama to recharge. So, when my Hannah decided to ask me how our bodies go from a box to Jesus after we die and Ava followed it up with, "Does God glue our body parts together?" I wanted to SCREAM. These are GOOD and WORTHY questions but can we discuss them at a sane hour?! How about supper time? This would be a great supper discussion but not a PAST BEDTIME discussion. I felt horrible because I'm glad that they care but I gave them a much shorter answer and omitted the, "Do you have any more questions?" ask from my repertoire. Better timing, kids. Better timing. To be continued...

2) Underwear. After picking up the girls from school the other day one of my children told me she was completely out of clean underwear that day so she wore her swimsuit bottoms. Apparently even with my more manageable Christmas approach I've not done ample laundry.

3) Humor. My girls wanted a family sleepover last weekend. After my hubby said no, Grace put on her Halloween costume.

Grace: We mustard have a a family sleepover
Charlie: You need to ketchup on sleep. You need to relish your sleep. So get your buns to bed. Quit acting like a dog.

You guys, THIS IS MY LIFE.

4) Lines. Mama don't care about the Christmas lines. I went out shopping by myself and it felt like a vacation. Lines? Who cares! I had quiet and could think a full uninterrupted thought. It as glorious.

Getting home, though, was glorious too. The girls are so EXCITED for Christmas and Immanuel, God with us, is almost here. That excites us all :)

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