Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Real Mom Confessions

I'm writing this Real Mom Confessions from my four year old's bed since she can't seem to fall asleep. Lucky for her she's cute AND I just got back from my Bible Study Christmas dinner, which is the best every year. So many hilarious stories shared over a good meal. Surround yourself with friends you can laugh over your flops with. I just got word from one that she went back to pay for some creamer after dinner that she accidentally stole during the day when it got stuck in her baby's seat that we almost had to come post bail. I love these ladies.

Are you guys ready for Christmas? I am NOT. Oh well, there are a few days. Tra la la la la la. There we shall begin-

1)  I realized today I never put my garland around the banister OR the Christmas stockings hung. I can't even believe my kids haven't said anything nor can I make sense of how this happened. Now I'm trying to decide if it is worth my hubby getting the tote down from the garage again to hang them.

2) When I was giving away school pictures at a family Christmas last weekend it occurred to me that I haven't put their 8x10s on the walls.

3) Thanks to Noodles and Company my kids thing homemade noodles and butter is a delicacy. Tell them any different and prepare to be injured :)

4) Caillou's clothes drive me nuts. I don't know how Ava got on a Caillou kick again but she's occasionally picked it on Netflix. People, these clothes for DIFFERENT seasons of the year in the SAME FRAME drive. me. batty! Even more batty than him whining. Why is Caillou in shorts and a t-shirt when his dad is in a sweatshirt and jeans? ALWAYS

I can't take it.

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