Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Real Mom Confessions

Blog friends, our yard is blanketed in 22 inches of snow and our kids can't get enough of the white stuff. One night they spent hours making a 5 person snowman family - the daddy snowman almost as tall as me. They run, frolic, and play. They randomly drop to the ground and make snow angels. They belly giggle loudly. I find myself looking out the window in awe. These kids do life right. In the midst of troubling moments or a less-than-perfect day they can let go of all of it and play free. Each moment for a kid is passionate, creating a life fully lived. I joke about the less-than-perfect mom moments but the truth is my little people often teach me how to choose joy and live well. I'm so lucky to be their mom.

So what were some less-than-impressive moments this week?

1) My mom and grandma make homemade candy every year and my girls and I went to be quality control. I take my job seriously. Especially the caramels. When I was little I was told I said, "Wrap one. Eat one" and I'm not sure I've progressed much beyond that today. All three girls did an awesome job wrapping caramels but they were ready for some play time when it was all done so, naturally, they started running. In the house. "Don't get hurt," I pretty much whimpered. "That was authoritative," my mom laughed. I could only respond, "It's really more a prayer."

2) Was anyone else shocked by the number of drones in the Black Friday ads? How many people have these and why? It made no sense to me but then I realized when our kids start driving and dating we'll just follow them with photographic drones. Suddenly they have redeeming value.

3) Saturday Grace declared her own PJ day. I decided it was brilliant so after drinking my coffee I informed my hubby, "I think I'll take a shower and get into some new pajamas." And that's exactly what I did. #goals

4) The girls decided to announce to our NEW PASTOR that they made their journal password "Monkey Butt Cheeks."

No words. I'm sure we soared right to the top of her prayer list.

How did your kids humble you this week?

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