Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Real Mom Confessions

It is Thanksgiving week. I find myself acutely aware of all that I have and also painfully familiar with  hurts that bring thanks for a God much greater than I who upholds and strengthens to make this a truly Spirit-filled holiday.

The start of my gratitude should be a home that is sprinkled with laughter in the midst of our everyday. Here are some of the moments we saw it this week.

1) Volleyball Tournament. Grace loves to play volleyball and her fall season ended last Saturday with a day-long tournament. During one of the games, a ball came flying at Ava's head only instead of deflecting the ball with my hand I put my hands on each side of her head and physically moved her. FROM THE HEAD. What a weird thing to do. I can't even explain it. Even around me laughed. She didn't get hit sooooooo success????

2) Cereal in Church. On our way out the door for church on Sunday we let the girls grab some dry cereal because it as a rushed morning. Grace brought an ENTIRE box in a plastic container. We didn't notice until we got in to church. I'm not sure if I laughed harder at this or Charlie babysitting Ava's doll during the kid talk. He's such a good girl dad that he was holding the baby doll like a real baby with a plastic bottle in its mouth. I wonder if the TV camera caught that?

3) Light Up Shoes. Ava has light up tennis shoes that light up pinkish-red and blue. She thinks they are really cool and I do too except for the moment they were almost responsible for giving me a heart attack. It's getting darker out earlier now and when we were driving they lit up, leading me to think there was a police officer behind me. I panicked because I wasn't speeding and felt totally confused. It wasn't until my face was white in the rear view mirror that I noticed no police officer. Just a happy leg-swinging child in the backseat. Phew.

4) Whip Nae Nae. Remember when I studied so hard to know the whip/nae nae for the musical? Well, it paid off....again. Last night at the dinner table the girls started singing the song, which I now knew and could do with the best of 'em. Meanwhile, my man tries to join in and goes, "Whip whip AND HERE'S SOME nae naes." The girls bust a gut laughing and I nearly peed my pants. Here's some nae naes?! I was like "do you think that is short for mayonaise?" Next time I'm making tuna sandwiches and get the mayo out I'm totally repeating his line because I'm such a nice  sarcastic wife like that.

That's this week's edition from Team Nesdahl. I wish you a Thanksgiving filled with meaningful family moments, yummy eats, quality football, and a nap :) Here is a Family Thanksgiving Prayer to share.

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