Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Real Mom Confessions

I just opened my computer and found a fruit snack stuck to the exterior. Don't even ask me how it got there because it wasn't me but I totally ate it like a bonus find. How fitting that I'm sitting down to write a real mom confessions post :)

1. Conference Writing. It's conference week at the school my two oldest attend. While in Grace's conference her teacher told us that they turned a real life moment into a full fledged fiction story. Now, I heard some of the details of this story as she was working on it from home, but had no idea I would hear her announce in conferences, "I wrote mine about when I fell off the garbage can." Of course you did. Because every great parent misses their children climbing on top of a garbage can, right? At least I can feel good that is has the makings of a "remember when..." story when she is older.

2. The Mayflower. Hannah is learning about conditions on the Mayflower. Do you realize how many people were crammed into such a small space with no modern amenities or basic electricity? She received an assignment where the whole family was to sit on a couch or bed and discuss what it would be like in the dark, feeling the waves, the smells, etc. Since Hannah is very literal, no electricity means we did this family-focussed assignment by candlelight. The fact that our house did not burn down is miracle. Hannah wanted to read the assignment paper by candlelight, she was moving around with the blood pressure was rising, RiSIng, RISING....just get me OFF the Mayflower! This learning moment has expired. Only it hadn't because then she built the tiniest fort for her in her sisters to go the Mayflower. And, when I was laying in a twin size bed with the older to chatting one night, this conversation went down-

Me: Okay, we need to be done. I have to go to the bathroom.
Grace: It woulda been squashed like this on the Mayflower
Hannah: Ya, and you'd have had to go in your pants.
Me: Good point. I think I'd have skipped discovering the New World. The boat conditions wouldn't have seemed worth it.

I guess I'm not always great for education :)

3. Bedtime. Bedtime is as Jim Gaffigan says "a crisis" in our home. They DO look at us like they've never heard of the idea and will resist succumbing to sleep because that would clearly be the worst thing imaginable. So, the other night I did laugh when one of our blessings was so wound up she knocked something off the wall and it landed on her. Since she wasn't really hurt laughter was totally acceptable in my book. I used the teachable moment as reminder that if she would just listen to mom nothing would fall on her. Parenthood drives you to saying weird things.

4. Ava's Thanksgiving Book. Ava's preschool class made the cutest Thanksgiving menu book EVER. In it, they asked the children what they are going to have for Thanksgiving and how they cooked it. This is Ava's response

As you begin Thanksgiving celebrations may your actual meals be healthier than her imagined one :)

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