Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Real Mom Confessions

It's Real Mom Confessions day! More importantly, it's Veteran's Day so let me begin with my sincerest thanks for all who have and are serving our country. You and the families who support you are heroes. Thank you for the sacrifices you make in togetherness for our freedom. Thank you for daily laying down yourself so that we can be free. This week there's been entire too much hullabaloo about freedom being challenged over ridiculous red cups. I pray today is reminder that real people have their freedom confronted daily and that mature faith isn't about sharpie words or loud public professions. Rather it is a humble drawing on the Lord for strength, guidance, and hope. It's a relationship that guides our life.  You've leaned in on Him and courageously accepted a challenging call. We salute you!

This week's real mom confessions started pretty much as the last ones were posted.

1. Stopping Tap to Wipe Child's Rear. My hubby worked late last Wednesday and I'm in an adult tap class so I had my girls read in the dressing room. This works really well, primarily because they are at the dance studio daily so it's like a second home. However, last Wednesday night Hannah came down and loudly whispers, "Mom, Ava needs you." I made the mistake of asking why aloud and Hannah says, "She needs you to wipe her butt." Oh the joys of motherhood. 

2. Learning About Intestines. Speaking of bodily functions, in November we do an Attitude of Gratitude tablecloth. It is one of my favorite traditions. Anyway, Grace has been learning about body parts at school and this is what she wrote the other night

I couldn't decide if I should be happy she's paying attention in science or horrified that this will be on my table all of November. I guess she's right :)

3. Coffee in Church. Ava was thirsty in church last Sunday and really wanted a drink. I didn't want her to leave worship and had nothing for her so I gave her a drink of my pumpkin spice flavored coffee. Judge not?

4. Multitasking When Playing House. Ava loves to play house but my real house has been pretty neglected the last week leading up to the musical so there was much to be done. When Friday hit and Ava wanted to play house again I happily complied and made my job the neighborhood cleaner, allowing me to sweep the floors while playing. I made myself a maid. ON PURPOSE. My twenty year old self NEVER saw that coming.

I hope you had an excellent week!

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  1. "I happily complied and made my job the neighborhood cleaner, allowing me to sweep the floors while playing. I made myself a maid." Wow. That's a pro right there. :-)


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