Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Real Mom Confessions

Here we are again at Wednesday. Time marches by way too quickly and God is working on my heart in so many ways. There are so many things I want to share with you but the timing has to be right and this has been a crazy busy week because we are in MUSICAL week. Remember that musical I'm choreographing for school? It is here and I can't even count for you the many ways that I've loved being a part. The new music teacher picked an amazing show and she's done an unbelievable job at exciting the students. To see the fullness of her gifts makes me smile. And my friend Jenni who does the costumes? Besides being crazy talented she's funny, and honest, and real. These are some special women. The kind God puts in your path to accomplish a mutual goal but also to appreciate life and victories. The kind you encourage and share hugs with but also laugh hysterically with when things go awry. And the kids have come SO FAR! Working with them has been a privilege. This whole thing just makes me realize what treasured small moments happen inside big picture goals. I LOVE education and kids and family so. very. much.

That said, busy does not stop embarrassing mom moments so here a few for your enjoyment.

1. Apple Salad Fail. I guess Ava needed a fruit for her preschool class to make fruit salad during "F" week but guess who didn't read the communications? That'd be me. Consequently, I was giving my child her goodbye hug when I heard a totally with-it parent say, "And they need a fruit for the fruit salad today, correct?" Of course they do. Thank God we only live a few blocks from preschool. I went home and got the last honeycrisp apple out of the fridge, returning it before anyone could realize I wasn't with it the whole time.

2. PJ Day. Grace's class was rewarded with a pajama day at school. This is like her dream come true. She LOVES pajama day and rarely gets them. However, she's been having this huge, continual growth spurt lately. In fact, she's only an inch shorter than me but who's counting? Needless to say, she has no pajamas that fit correctly and I haven't invested in any because people don't see them. Her pants-  now capris- work. Unless you are going to pajama day. In the MidWest. In the end of October.  With brisk air. Thankfully Target had buy one get one half off. She was all fashion in fitting wear and my check book celebrated savings. Win-win.

As long as we're on kid school situations on to Hannah.

3. Traveling back pack. Hannah's class took a field trip today. I really have not been home very much lately so some areas of my life that are normally kept tidy haven't ranked priority. My vehicle is one of them and it's pretty much turned into a traveling back pack. So, when Hannah's teacher said she was going to ride with me today a small piece of me died. Thankfully, she's the most gracious lady you'll ever meet so she didn't care. Or at least pretended well :)

To top this off, we were going to an outdoorsy learning experience place. This is the picture of an indoorsy girl on an outdoorsy learning experience.

She was not impressed by the food chain. And, to be honest, I kind of wasn't either. It would really be an unfortunate lot in life to be a decomposer.

3. Pumpkin Seeds. The apple didn't fall too far from the tree when it comes to gross things. I don't like them either. Pumpkin carving, therefore, presents a yearly dilemma. I like the end product but getting there is kind of painful. This year I came up with the perfect solution.

A grocery bag over the hand.

We had adult friends over that evening for a pumpkin carving party and they got a real kick out of this.

Adam openly announced, "I'm judging you." It was the hilarious....but I still contend totally necessary to get the task done.

Hope you had a great week!

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