Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Real Mom Confessions

It's Wednesday and time for some real mom confessions! I couldn't wait to meet you all in this space because guess what? Those of you who shared that you also have been seen in or wear your pajamas in public join me in cutting edge fashion.  My friend, Sarah, handed this to me folded up small.

When I opened it up I LAUGHED. MY. HEAD. OFF. You better believe I dropped the girls off at school one day this week all fashion-y in my PJs AND UGG slippers. Foot fashion didn't make the article but I'm sure I'm ahead of my time. Watch for it in months to come :)

What happened this week? Unfortunately nothing that I'm going to find out is cool.

1. Memory Loss. You know how they ask you a litany of questions at your physical? Well, one of them was, "Do you experience memory loss?" I am busy. And a mom. People suck my brain energy from me like leeches. "What do you consider memory loss?" was my awesome response. Because, if we are talking do you sometimes search for your cell phone while holding it? Then yes. Or, do you sometimes forget why you went into the room? Then yes. But, really I consider this more a part of the busy human condition than medically defined memory loss. My doctor chuckled and moved right along. Phew. You're normal, friends :)

2. Prayer That Makes No Sense. We always pray as a family before bed. This will forever and always be important to me but, I'm not going to lie, when it is past the bedtime hour I'm ready for my people to close their little mouths and shut their beautiful eyes. So, when it was beyond 8 o'clock and my these kids need to go to sleep anxiety was in full gear Ava prayed for her grandchildren. She's FOUR. She has no grandchildren. But, whatever man, BED! I didn't correct her and chose to believe that she was already speaking of a non-existent legacy. Now go to sleep, child.

3. "Will you actually turn the carrots on so we can eat them this time?" This is what my eight year old said to me when I told her we were going to have her favorite brown sugar glazed crock pot carrots because last week when I was going to make them I forgot to turn the crock pot on. Thanks for rubbing it in, child. I remembered this time and they tasted great.

4. Bad Star of the Week Mom. Hannah is the star of the week and she's super excited. Her teacher messaged me and said Hannah mentioned wanting to bring a scrapbook. You guys, I last put pictures in that when she was BAPTIZED. I messaged her teacher back with the following, "I nixed the scrapbook because it was last updated when she was 6 weeks old. I'm a crappy mom like that." My intention is to make a Shutterfly book for each year of her life, however, that is still on my to do list. Hopefully before graduation :)

What happened in your house this week?

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