Thursday, October 8, 2015

Real Mom Confessions

It's not Wednesday but better late than never, they say. So, instead of skipping real mom confessions this week here you have them on a Thursday. Surprise!!! *jazz hands*

What happened in the Nesdahl house this week?

1) "DON'T read your Bible every day. DON'T pray every day" I am a Christian author and this is what my 4 year old was singing at the TOP OF HER LUNGS over and over this week, including in public. She is learning a new song at school that starts "If you don't" but seems to forget the first two key words. Lovely. 

2) Fundraiser Fopaa. Our school is doing a Read-A-Thon for the fall fundraiser. My kids are super excited about this, as am I. So, I fill out their paperwork. Email their teachers the one question I have, and they're off running. Grace read 70 MINUTES and couldn't wait report it. Then I'm talking to my friend who co-chairs the committee about the girls' excitement and she goes, "That's great, but it doesn't start until next Monday." Oops. This is probably a bad time to also confess that I"m on the PTA executive committee? :)

3) PJs. This has been a really busy week so when my commitments are done the clothes go off and my PJs are put on. Last Saturday evening we got home and I made sure my only goal was to have no goals for the rest of the night. My PJs were on and supper fed to my people by 6pm. However, when the girls' friends came over and they wanted to play school in the house? I totally said no because I was already rocking the PJs and robe. Thankfully it was super nice out so I could pull the, "It won't be nice out in the evenings for much longer so just play outside with your friends." card. Fist bump on the temperatures, Jesus.

I'd like to be able to claim the early PJ thing will end but, who I am kidding. I'm getting old and early PJs rock.

How was your week?

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