Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Book Every Parent of an 8-10 Year Old Girl Should Own

When I found out September was resource month on Mothers of Daughters I immediately knew what I needed to share with you.

The Care & Keeping of You 1: The Body Book for Younger Girls was introduced to me by a good friend who has a daughter ahead of mine. It’s an amazing resource for girls whose bodies are beginning to grow and change.

I know. Deep breath, mamas.

This American Girl book brilliantly introduces puberty through a marvelous mix of simple, non-threatening messages like the importance of a good night of sleep, why you need to brush your hair, and wearing sunscreen with “biggies” like picking a bra and getting your period.

Author Dannah Gresh states 40% of girls starting their periods have never heard about it from their own parents. This is a problem. If we can’t even go to them with the most basic details of God’s design how do we expect them to feel comfortable coming to us to discuss (and parent them through) temptations and life-changing relationship decisions?

I think much of our modern day struggle is the need to discuss these expected changes with girls who are not necessarily of age for the complete birds and bees chat.  Breast buds and bras feel manageable. But, how do we introduce the more significant changes to developing girls who still play like children? Most girls are menstruating now at 12. Some as early as eight.

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