Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Real Mom Confessions

Doing these real mom confessions with y'all has made me acutely aware of how fast these weeks fly back. How did you do this week? Mine felt busy with not a lot of extra time to breathe. In fact, last night I decided it was perfectly acceptable to let the dirty dishes lie and read my bible study instead. I went to bed with the counter a mess but woke up refreshed. Give yourself a break where you need it, too.

On to real mom confessions.

1. Fish death. Hallelujah! We begin where we left off with confession two last week. Remember how my children were so in love with these fish? Well, Hank went to meet his Maker. We had a floater. Meanwhile, the bowl started to stink something fierce. It was nauseating. I don't even drink but if I did I imagine the sensation I had around this bowl is what drunkenness is like. A bowl cleaning had to go down and I was not the person for the job because....gross. My love has limits. I googled "how to clean a fish bowl" so my man could be the hero and this came up? I mean, seriously, who has time to put that much effort into 38 cent fish? As I read it aloud my hubby's eyes got so big I cried real tears laughing.

That night we put the girls to bed and Grace says, "I'm getting a little misty eyed thinking of Hank."
Me: I'm sorry, honey. I'm getting a little misty eyed thinking we have three fish still alive.

Probably not my finest parenting moment but she laughed.

The fish pressed on Friday. The bowl already stunk again. My prayer request became very specific. Jesus take these fish. Take them from my home. 

Saturday morning we had three more floaters. I jumped with joy. Meanwhile Grace and Hannah did this

Oh my gosh, you guys, I had a goldfish memorial ON MY DINING ROOM TABLE. How long does a good mom leave the memorial on the dining room table? I asked myself and a few friends. I'm still not sure the answer on that, but the flower was shriveled and dead Sunday night so I had the girls repeat after me, "Thank you, Lord, for the time with our fish. Now it is through."

The fish bowl is clean and back in the garage never to be used again.

2.  Coffee without grounds. I made coffee without grounds and still drank it. 8am sports should be illegal on a Saturday. Enough said.

3. "You don't take me to the doctor when I break bones." This is what one of my blessings said last night in front of a bunch of other moms at dance. Awesome. Allow me to clarify my fellow mothers and teachers of her school - because stuff like this always comes out in free writing - I do take her to the doctor every time it is NECESSARY. She did fall off her scooter earlier in the summer and may have broken a bone but when I called into the doctor's office our pediatrician said based of her ability to still move it without bad pain they wouldn't splint it or do anything special anyway because it wouldn't change the healing process. I did my due diligence. Yesterday, the aforementioned child, fell again on the scooter when she hit uneven cement and her hand hurt but it had minimal swelling and no bruising plus she could move it enough to not want ice on it and play outside with her friends. I think she's fine but if that turns out not to be true I will bring her in because we would never forego necessary medical treatment. In other news, beware of scooter danger.

4. "I need to get on my man..." This is what I said to a committee chair at school who is donating some prizes for All Pro Dad, which the love of my life is leading at our girls'  school this year. In my defense, I meant in terms of his plan for prizes but this lady, who has the best sense of humor, totally burst out laughing, taking it a whole different way. Did I mention we were in the school office when this transpired? :) Hilarity all around.

Kidding aside, I can't wait to watch Charlie thrive in this role. He is so passionate about the program and eager to grow in this opportunity. He's creating a folder and thinking through food and even took a vacation day the day before his first meeting to make sure he has everything ready. I married well.

I'll be supporting you with my, "This girl loves her Charlie," shirt, babe!

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