Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Real Mom Confessions

It's Wednesday! We made it through another week, friends! I've been looking forward to writing this real mom confessions post all day because I find myself laughing as I write....and laughter is just good for the soul.

So, starting off

1. Messed up supper. That is right I've thrown balanced out the window for tonight and mama don't care. My man is on his way back from a work trip and when he is gone Mac & Cheese for supper it is. Somehow the joy of getting the best meal in a box makes life more doable for my kids on days he is gone so I go with it. Hannah just asked to have Sun Chips on the side and I said, "sure." I'm sure there are some valuable grains it will add to her meal.  We'll get back to balanced tomorrow when our family is balanced again :)

2. Arrays. Remember my back to school edition last week? Well, now that we are in the swing of things I've already been made to realize how little I know. I think every time they change terminology in a school system a new "explanation for you dinosaurs," for example, should come home. Grace got her first math homework identifying arrays in the home. This is how that went down:
Her: Can you help me find some arrays?
Me: Like arrays of plates or arrays of dolls or what?
{She looks at me with a "how in the world did you pass elementary school" look}
Her: Mom, it's for multiplication.


Then she goes to her dad, "Mom didn't know what an array was today."
He looks at me all proud that he might know an English word his author wife doesn't. "You mean a wide array of items?"

She shook her head and I flat out celebrated. Nice try, babe!

3. My robe. These days are exhausting. Adjusting to back to school rigor is no joke for the kids or the parents. Needless to say, once I'm done going places for the day, I'm just done. PJs and my robe it is. Checking out. The other night the kids were outside so I tried to angle myself around the window when I kindly yelled out, "Kids, it's time to come in for supper" and one goes, "Are you in your robe?" The horror. Yes, dear loves, I am and I suggest you come in and get in yours too. Sleep is a beautiful thing :)

And in the spirit of food while my glorious Mac & Cheese boils,

4. Petrified pretzels. The tiny tot (who started preschool so no longer so tiny) was waiting for her sisters at dance the other night and pulls out a pretzel treat. You guys, they were from recital. In May. "Ava, those are going to be so gross. Don't put that in your mouth." She doesn't care and tries it. "It's good," she tells me. I can't imagine it to be true so I tried one. Oh my stars, they tasted like communion wafers. Into the garbage. Sorry, kid.

So there's some real life from the Nesdahl house this week. I hope you had a great one!

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