Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Real Mom Confessions

Hi, everyone! I missed real mom confessions with you last week but we were knee deep in home renovation week. After years of dreaming about new floors we finally made the leap and redid most of our home. Now the project is done and, in between admiring the new wood, I'm doing the real work of putting things away. We're going through everything to see what must stay and what can go. Simplify is our mantra. It's so freeing.

On to real mom confessions.

1. Medicine cups. In the midst of cleaning out my cupboards it has become apparent to me that I haven't thrown any of these cups away since, oh, probably when my oldest was BORN.

You guys, I have more in over night bags and other places. It's ridiculous. I kept one stack.

2.  Grace and Hannah's birthday. Our church is doing a service project week, which I thought was really cool. There were tons of ways to be the hands and feet and, as I sorted through what may or may not work, Grace pointed out that it was her birthday. Oh. My. Stars. I forgot. Awesome, slap a mom fail on me. In more encouraging news I took them to pick out backpack supplies so that each child represents a backpack's worth of supplies for another child overseas. I love that. It connects their similarity to students a distance away.

3. Credit card. Our school had open house the other night. As my little second grade fashionista was processing her traumatic finding that she will have gym the first day of school, she starts talking about clothes at which point my FOUR YEAR OLD gets out a Chuck E. Cheese plastic picture card and goes, "You can just pay like this." Let me assure you Miss P, I'm uber frugal and, while I do pay with a credit card to get cash back, we pay off our bill EVERY month. Promise. Also, I'm breaking my, "you wear gym shoes on gym days" rule special for day one. She'll come in wedges and a smile. 

4. School needs to start. The kids have played amazing this summer but with many friends already in school and the excitement of their day to come still "out there" the patience tank is running low. This morning one announced, "Mom, we've decided when we get mad at each other we will just hold hands until we work it out." This sounds pretty in theory response was, "That sounds like a great way for someone to end up hurt." 

What can I say? I call it like it is :)

xx Melissa

What's been going on in your house? Have your kids started school?

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