Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Real Mom Confessions: Back to School

It's official. The Nesdahl household is back to school. We are THRILLED! The kids love their teachers + classrooms and I've already gotten opportunity to get in and help. Lifting teachers up in their huge role is a blessing so if you have ability to help in some way make sure you get in and do it! Friday I'm helping edit writing. *insert me doing the happy dance*

While we welcome this change, there have been a few painful moments during adjustment mode this week.

1. Wake Up Time. I actually apologized out loud to myself about setting the alarm for wake up time. After a summer of sleeping in, it was brutal. The first morning it went off and the girls came up at the proper time I barked at them to go back to bed or we would all be crabby. Ironically, the crabby one was me. Oops.

2. Back to School Night. Before the school year begins our district has a night set to go to your child's school, hear teacher presentations, get spirit wear, etc. I read the emails on this but apparently my mind, which was tired from the startling wake time (refer to #1), didn't exactly compute. So, when I went thinking we were arriving for session two it was, in fact, session three. I shooed my hubby out of the room with Hannah and we went with the divide and conquer method.

3. Lunch time. Today my oldest turned ten Double digits! and we were going to get her for a special lunch. My hubby asked me what time her lunch was this morning and I confidently said noon. Then I checked and it was 12:10. Whatever. I can't keep track of all these changing lunch hours every year. It is just too much. In my defense we would have been early but then the food establishment of Grace's choice had all payment machines go down as we were sitting in the drive through. Bless it.

4. Assignment Notebooks. I'm all for these. I love knowing what is going on and it is a great method of communication in my daughter's class between parent and teacher but this is like my homework every night and I have not been a student for many, many years. I have to bring those routine muscles back and that is very hard for me. Remember #1? It's all happening so fast. Needless to say, if I would forget, my very stereotypical firstborn would be devastated. So, I'm relying on modern technology

That's right. A nice little daily reminder :) 

How has back to school adjustment gone for you?

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