Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Real Mom Confessions

Well, friends, you are lucky I remembered that it is Wednesday! We're now into renovation week and I feel like we've been clearing our house of all things that make it a home for days. Today the floor demo begins so the wood floor laying can be begin. Wohoo! It's super exciting but my sense of time has completely left me. Yesterday I was talking to my PTA co-chair and I told her to have a fun trip (thinking it was Thursday). She set me straight and reminded me that I would, in fact, be seeing her tonight. I'm going to be VERY grateful for my phone reminders helping me get to where I need to be when until I emerge from this time-warped mess. :)

On to real mom confessions:

1. "We eat on the floor." This is what my daughter told someone at dance the other day. In all fairness, we've done some of that the last few days as we've cleared our home, but it's NOT how we always make these kids function.

I hope they are getting some good memories in the midst of this chaos!

2. Barbie Plunger. While cleaning out the house I've been trying to simplify. As I was going through Ava's room (dear Lord that is no easy task), I came across this and asked what it was and if it needed to be kept

Grace: Yes, that is our Barbie plunger.

Barbie is so spoiled these days. She has cell phones, laptops, and apparently other toys to make sure her home lacks nothing.

3. "Can we listen to "Tight Pants" until it says the 'b word?'" Out of the mouth of my 4 year old about to go to Christian school. Lovely. Remember when I told you my hubby and I danced to the Jimmy Fallon/J Lo piece in suck-it-in tight overalls for the family talent show? Instead of recalling our stellar moves she's still focusing on a timing error. Dear Jesus, please zip her lips of the sharing of this story at school. I beg of you. Amen.

4. Back to school bed time. I told the girls that with the back to dance schedule came the return of school bed time. Notice I didn't say sleeping hours. It's purely selfish. I want them to go to bed and start waking up sooner on their own because I don't want to force morning because...well...morning. If they aren't waking at school time I will start that the week before. Until them, I'm sleeping in too!

xx Melissa

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