Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Real Mom Confessions

We are in the last month of summer here. I can't even believe it! We had a longer summer break in our district due to a school calendar shift and I thought our love of togetherness would have waned by this point but so far I've been proven wrong. Thank you, God! 

This week is all about family. We've been having our annual family Nesdahl get together which is routinely a blast. Each year there's a talent show and the kids have totally taken over. This year there was a sign and emcees and acts all their own. I love that! We also did an early family celebration of my father-in-law's 70th birthday complete with an extended family gathering plus an original song sung in his favorite apparel.

Overalls and the onesie.

This caused an impromptu change of our talent. Being's we'd both shimmied ourselves into way to small overalls (mine were out of the little boy's section!), all I could think of was Jimmy Fallon and JaLo so we lip synced and danced to their "Tight Pants."  It was all really hilarious until we didn't get it stopped fast enough and she goes, "Listen here you little b _ _ _ _ _" Fill in the blanks. I suppose that should be my first real mom confession.

Other things that have happened along the way,

2. Pottying during travel. One of the girls said they had to go to the bathroom and I responded, "Okay. We're going to keep going till you have to go super bad." This might be medically ill-advised but one cannot stop anytime someone just kind of has the "got-to-go" feeling. I needs to be legit.

3. Bathroom embarrassment. The girls and I were waiting in the bathroom and there was a lady clearly....clearing herself in the stall. Loudly. With moaning. The girls start giggling and I give them a confused look silently praying it's PC. "It stinks in here," one of them says. I quietly pulled a Vontrap-like exit and told my husband to take the girls in the men's restroom.

4. The plunger.

Caption this. There are no words.

At least it is not one used from the bathroom.

Family is a blessing and we're making the most of our time together. It includes such late-nights and massive kid energy that my hubby just said, "Henry, what's your favorite tinga nurtle?" Get the man more coffee. We have a day ahead of us :)

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