Monday, July 20, 2015

When Your Dream Scares You

A few weeks ago I told you to never stop dreaming and hinted at big news to share. Now the news is out and I’ve been struggling to put words on this blank page. How do I make sense out of the fumblings of my heart?

I suppose the simple answer is that my mother/daughter dance line is expanding into a family line. Starting next month will be a new father/elementary daughter class and a grandparent/3-5 year old grandchild opportunity. They are one time classes a couple hours in length.

I’m super excited about these classes. I dreamt them with purpose and when I shared with one of the dance studio owners how the fathers will ask the girls to dance I choked back tears. My heart is to promote strong families and more classes are on the horizon.

But the fumblings…

I’ve always been a person that likes to know how things are going to go. I plan things to stay ahead of it, forgetting that there is only One Person who really is.

When I wrote the original mother/daughter curriculum, Meaningful Movements, coming into this brave year I’m not sure what I was expecting. I knew it would be mothers carving out time with their girls. And I imagined the topical conversations to have meaning.

I didn’t imagine my first sign up to be a mother with cancer making the most of every moment through treatments. I didn’t think there would be real tears, and audible laughter, and prolonged hugs as duos bonded to the discussion papers I wrote. I didn’t picture the daughter getting across the floor after a dance move and saying, “Mom, I love you,” to which her mom replied, “I love you too” and swooped her into the air.

Stories were shared with me about why the sign up that induced shock. Parents with big dreams in these moments. Will I accomplish their hopes? Even those doing it for complete fun are wishing to pause time enough to make memories and unlock conversations that will pave the way for bigger discussions down the road.

And then I received a message that slayed me. A dad whose family suffered loss and a little girl who will no longer dance. I cried as I read the words on my screen and watched an attached video. What am I to do with this?

Only I knew exactly what I was supposed to do with it.

Fathers are a powerful influence in the life of their young girls and the decisions their daughters will make. My husband and others had been asking for it and the message sealed the deal. It was time to present an opportunity for dads to carve out time. Teach their girls what respect from a man looks like. To talk and to deepen their relationship. To dance with each other.

Meanwhile there was the grandparent saying, “When are you going to do something so I can dance too?”

The possibility only conjured joy for me, as I think of my relationship with my grandma. In fact, I’ll be using Skidamarinky and A Bushel & A Peck because she always sang those to me growing up. My grandma has always been at my everything and my relationship with her a gift. I desire to foster that wherever possible.

There will be those just wishing for fun when they walk through these class doors. But I already know there will be stories and real longings from some adults who enter.

Some have called this my ministry. I shrink at the word because my house is just like yours. I’m imperfect. My kids make mistakes. I’m just an everyday girl with hope of weaving family togetherness.

When the gravity of those words sets in it’s overwhelming.

But I’m convinced that dance class is more than movement. If there is anything I’ve learned since founding this dance line it is that these classes are a vehicle to connectedness greater than I can fathom.

So I’m going to ease up on predetermining outcomes and just consider myself grateful to be invited into people’s journeys. I’m going to quit counting myself brave because I wrote one class and actually live brave by continuing to dream and write more.

Dream. Be brave. God invites us all to play a part.

And, if you are in the Sioux Falls, SD area and want more information on the new class opportunities, please visit BritZa Studios online.

xx Melissa


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