Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Real Mom Confessions

How was your Fourth, friends? We spent the weekend with family and had the most wonderful time playing with the kids in the pool, eating yummy meals, and s'mores. Lots of s'mores. In fact, I held my own study that involved traditional s'mores, a peanut butter cup s'more, the traditional s'more with peanut butter spread on one of the crackers, and what was truly a bananas foster s'more with a grilled banana with brown sugar placed inside the crackers with chocolate and spread peanut butter (no marshmallow).  My findings are:

1. The traditional s'more is always incredible. You can't go wrong.
2. I prefer the spread peanut butter to the peanut butter cup. It has a better chocolate/peanut butter ratio.
3. The bananas foster s'more is truly delectable and you can feel better about eating one of your fruit servings.

Yes, this was a lot of s'mores in two days but I'm willing to make some sacrifices for science.

Okay, now that you're versed on s'mores, let's get on to real mom confessions.

1. Hydration. My kids now understand how to tell if they are hydrated or not and they announce it every time they go to the bathroom. My apologies if you are ever over and find out this very private detail. On the upside, we are getting better hydration.

2. More food. HyVee had these cupcakes that looked like hamburgers.

Pure. Bakery. Genius.

I said I got them for the kids but I'd have gotten them kids or not.

3. Family Sleepover. Speaking of things for the kids, I also said the family sleepover on the Fourth was to celebrate the holiday. Indoors, you know, that is how we camp. But, I was honestly thinking if we put the kids to bed they'd come out a million times for fear of the fireworks booming around our house, plus we'd have to get the tiny tot to bed. It'd be easier to just "surprise" with a family sleepover and be in one room and calm all the nerves so we can sleep sooner. And that is exactly what we did.

4. I ran outside in my pajamas on a major street over a DUCK. I kid you not. Me. The indoorsy one. The story is here.

How was your holiday week?

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