Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Real Mom Confessions

This week I've become painfully aware of the amount of "sayings" we have as adults that make no sense to my kids. I know the English language is complex, but it's definitely made for a few laughs. And explanations.

So, since I told you what I said last week, I'll go with what the girls have said this time. That seems fair, right?

1. Crab apple. Ava was having a rough night a dinner. Summer fun met exhaustion and it was not pretty. Her loving sister called her a crab apple to which she replied, "I'M NOT AN APPLE." I guess she didn't deny being a crab :)

2. Split level. We are in the process of a big home project coming up so we've spent a lot of time at Menards. This isn't a store that we often take the kids to so when I looked down and saw Hannah on the ground in the middle splits I asked her why exactly she was acting like that. My kids aren't perfect in public but this was a first. Well the sign says, "split level" so I thought that meant do your splits and then see what level you are at." Praise God that isn't what it means or 99.9% of the adult population wouldn't go into Menards. Home design, girl. Home design.

3. Not responsible for accidents. My mother-in-law had my girls and they passed a rummage with a sign that said, "Not responsible for accidents." Grace thought this meant BATHROOM accidents. Oh my stars. There are no words. Apparently I need to discuss accidents more often with my people.

4. "Is mom super cool?" That was the question I asked my four year old daughter when she chose to sit with me instead of her dad. However, my prideful moment was substituted with laughter when she takes me literally and responds, "Sometimes cold. Sometimes hot."

Not missing a beat, my hubby swooped in on the last one and added, "Hey, honey, just so you know, I always think you're hot." Thankfully Ava was zonked out at that point so we didn't need to explain that figure of speech.

Language is a funny thing.

Hope you had a great week!

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