Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Real Mom Confessions

It's Wednesday. Time for some real mom confessions. My children are outside playing in the mist while I get this done so that's about right for this type of post.

It has been a busy week, including travel, that has lent itself to some lack of order. Trying to get many things done on a time crunch isn't always so great for the whole schedule thing.  What went down?

1. Supper after nine. What kind of parents are we?! I'll tell you what kind of parents. EXCITED parents. Since we moved into our home we finished the basement with dreams of more, but our more always gets sidetracked by other expenses or things we want to do for the kids. On our "dream" list for many years was wood flooring through most of our home and it is finally going to happen. *insert me doing the happy dance here!* The night after we had someone measure, though, we had to get to the store we found our flooring at because the sale, of course, was going to end the next day and we were heading out of town. Panera for the late night win.

2. American Girls at 11pm. Yes, after we got home from the store and eating our super late supper the girls "needed" to do "some things for packing." I was baffled, beings they packed THREE DAYS before our actual leave date. What was this important thing, you ask? Dressing their American Girls. Yep. Important stuff, friends. My husband suggested dressing them on the car ride and the reply was, "Mom says no going outside without clothes." Score one for modesty, but seriously?! THEY ARE DOLLS. My hubby reminded them of that and Grace said, "They feel real in our imagination." So, the dolls were dressed before they fell asleep.

3. Goat food. My man and I always get a specialty coffee on a road trip. It's just "our thing." He laughed out loud when he saw GOAT FOOD in the space for his cup.

What can I say? I try to be an invested mom and I'm cheap. So, I take them to the zoo and my refillable cup lasts more than once. Welcome to at-home mom life in the summer, babe. Enjoy your super clean car and be grateful I'm saving us pennies :)

4. Writers casual. Outside of teaching dance, I am a writer, which means I don't have to leave my house or answer to any dress code. I can wear whatever I want. However, one of the questions at dance this week on outer beauty was, "What outfit do I wear that you think most captures my heart." Hannah replied, "Can I say pajamas?" WHAT?! In the session before Grace said "comfy pants" so I'm thinking I need to step up my game. That said, I won't deny my love for sleep or comfort.

What happened in your house this week?

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