Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Real Mom Confessions

Happy Wednesday, friends. Time for some humor. Now, most of you readers know that I am indoorsy. I love summer for the pool, park, and library fun. But, I've got to be honest. I don't bond with creatures so summer leaves me on high alert.

This has been a bad week for creature disdain. I present to you what could be called real mom confessions: creature horror.

1. Our city, along with a bank sponsor, puts on amazing track meets once a week for the month of June. On the final night, everyone was pumped up over the progress they'd made and excited for a B & G Milkyway treat

when a flying bird pooped on Grace. She did a laugh/wail/where is the purell cry while I masked my  disgust behind my phone, taking a picture....because I"m sure she's going to want to have photographic evidence for the rest of her life :)

2. The bird poop thing got me tongue tied. I meant to say, "Come here, bird poop girl" and it came out "boob perk girl." I'm quite certain I will never live that down.

3. We decided to do a family sleepover downstairs because it's the closest we get to a campout. Hannah went into the toy area and saw some ants.

This was her response to the SIGHT of some ants. Plus screaming. Lots of screaming from all three girls.

4. I didn't like the ants either. I felt proud of myself for staying totally calm and pretty much gave myself a mental medal of bravery award but I did go upstairs until the offending sucker wrapper was removed and my heroic man vacuumed the little enemies away.

This is why I live where I can have all four seasons, people. Winter will bring a big freeze that will make all this nature go bye-bye, and just when I want to thaw out again, warmth will return. The seasonal cycle is a good thing.

How did your week go?

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