Sunday, July 26, 2015

I Am a Gambler

It didn’t start until recently.

I guess I decided my “Brave” year was one worth rolling the dice.

Typically, I like safe living. I like predictability. I am type A and a serious planner. I like known results. {Just ask our financial planner. The phrase stock options about sends me into the fetal position and I predictably say to my husband, “low risk.”}

Others know this of me so when I was sitting at Bible Study last week and a friend asked me what I was working on, I unloaded. The writing life, which demands full investment with a zero or 100% success and no in between. Creating new dance classes with hopes that it will build meaningful bridges for fathers and daughters as well as grandparents and grandchildren with intention for more class designs soon. A whole lot of PTA stuff to get done in the midst of final summer vacations and tearing up our house for a complete remodel. All of this while not wanting to get in the way of memory-making with my kids so, of course, working on weird hours and tight deadlines.

How it was all going to happen sounded insane to everyone at the Bible Study table. Myself included.

“This is not like you,” my friend replied.

And she’s right. Life has me outside a perfectly scheduled comfort zone with a pre-determined outcome.

Have you ever been there?

It’s a little exhausting and a weird mix of thrill + fear.

But I’m convinced if God lays something on our hearts He will create a way to see us through it. That we don’t have to have all the answers or the time blocks or energy because He will fill our tanks with what we need to achieve His end.

Often times I’ve thought low risk felt easy. Like I will protect my heart from pain because there is little to lose.

But, really, I’m losing more because I’m dragging my feet in what is rather than running towards God with hope for what may be.

By definition, a gambler is one who will, “take a risk in the hope of gaining an advantage or a benefit.”

I’m becoming a risk-taker because I believe the potential end result could make life richer.

What do you hope for? 

I have good news

God’s got your back.

So listen to His promptings and then give it a good roll the dice. He's with you. And, in His care, everything falls into perfect place.

xx Melissa

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