Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Real Mom Confessions

How has your week been going, friends? It's Wednesday which means that it's time for some real mom confessions. While some of you are reading this today I will be getting new headshots done. I stressed for hours trying to find the perfect apparel with no luck. Then I took Grace with me and she found something cute in 10 minutes so apparently I should've taken her from the get-go. When I get the pictures taken I'll have all three kids along so if you want to lift up a word of prayer on my behalf for good hair and compliant kids you'll be my new best friend :)

So what happened in my house this week?

1. Wedgie Maker. Unfortunately that is not a typo. Hannah is in swimming lessons this week. Her teacher says, "Have any of you every been to Terrace to go off the drop off slides?" to which Hannah replies out loud IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE CLASS, "My mom and dad call those wedgie makers." OH. MY. WORD.

2. Fetch. If I didn't make fool enough of myself with the pool, I topped it the other night. The water was a little chill but I wanted to be near my older kids so I grabbed some diving wands and stood by the deep end. I gave one a good toss saying, "Go get it girls" and my husband, who is in the water a distance away questions, "Are you playing fetch with our children?!" Yes, it appears that I am. In the end it was really a good game that just looked bad because the kids loved it.

3. Role crisis. Wild, loud storms kept me awake one night and I didn't fall asleep until early morning hours. Then my 9yo woke me up with these words, "Can you get up to help clean Ava's room." I wondered if I was in a dream. What kind of role crisis is this? I should be asking her to clean. I followed my child leader - got up. brewed coffee, and helped clean.

4. Belly bags.  Remember fanny packs? Well during a discussion with Grace about fashions going out she asks, "Will the belly bag go out?" Me: "Belly bag? What on earth is that?" Grace: "It's a little bag that hangs in front on your belly." This means she's seen them multiple times. Me: "Well, they were once known as the a fanny pack. They serve a functional purpose but calling them fashion has been laid to rest."

Needless to say, I'm not winning any maturity awards this week but man we've had a lot of laughs.  

What happened in your house?

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