Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Real Mom Confessions

It's that time. Time for a reminder that life is a little crazy with kids and crazy is okay. Normal, even.

How was crazy shown in my house this week?

1. Chicken Juice.  I made a Mexican chicken that you serve over rice for supper. It's a moist chicken in juice. As my husband was serving it over Ava's rice some of the juice dripped into her milk. I froze. Do we switch it out or do we let her drink it because "it all goes to the same place," as my husband says? She picked it up and guzzled it all down, calling it "super good." My insides foiled, but, hey, we didn't waste any milk.

2. Coffee. I let my girls have some with me the other morning. The end. Bad mom, I know.

3. Drivers License. It was my birthday last week and it involved the renewal of my drivers license. Before we left I actually asked Grace, my 9 YEAR OLD,  if my hair looked okay. Her approval saved me bonding time with the curling iron so that was a bonus.

4. PJs as Fashion. We needed to make a quick trip to Menards for some lawn mower items but the girls had taken early showers. "Get your clothes on we're going to Menards," I instructed them.  

This is how they came out. Nightgowns as....skirts?  I didn't care. I wanted to go to Menards. A wish until that moment I never imagined myself thinking. Embrace it, woman. So off we went just like this.

Tell me about the crazy in your house this week!

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