Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Real Mom Confessions

How is summer going in your house? Busy like ours? I know I've tried to let go of my schedule to be flexible with things with the kids and boy has it resulted in some good laughs.

1. First place. Hannah participated in her first ever track meet. She picked a track skirt because "even on the track it's important to be fashiony" and off we went. As I joke, I told her if she didn't get first place I wasn't going to feed her supper. Joke's on me. When she got lined up and all the little kids and their parents are around she blares, "mom, do I really not get to eat if I don't get first place." 

Also, she's crazy flexible.

2. Butt cheeks. This kid is a hoot. This is what she looked like in the yard the other day. 

Yep, she's wearing a bike helmet. You never know the danger that might be involved in a popping bubble. And whenever that double bubble situation happened she + her sister yelled, "butt cheeks." There's probably a petition going to remove us from the neighborhood.

3. Frog legs.  As Hannah was doing that Ava was toddling around on her bike. Apparently we failed to notice that it was way too small so she looked like frog legs rotating near her ears working outrageously hard try to pedal her way around with this tiny wheeled bike. Then she just gave up and I had to go rescue her.

We've since moved up in bike size.

4. Yesterday we took a break from the outdoor activity to catch up on some cleaning. This was how I found them cleaning the kitchen floor.

Whatever works, man.

I'm loving my time with these littles who keep life interesting everyday. And, I'm also loving the dreaming that has kept me busy in my free moments. I can't wait to share all about it with you. Love your children and invest in their dreams, but don't forget to listen for God's dreams for you too. Sometimes they're a million times bigger than we can fathom.

Later, friends! We're off to the pool :)

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