Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Real Mom Confessions

Y'all, I made it! The end of school marathon is complete and the beginning of summer is officially here. Added bonus? I'm feeling better so my thinking brain returned. This has meant substantive posts on beautiful nurse qualities and Human Barbie/female body image issues for you and efficient mother-daughter dance class planning for me. I cannot wait to get started with my summer classes. The toddler/mommy class - new to the mother/daughter line - is turning out to be even more special in planned conversation than I imagined possible and that crafts are going to be oh so cute!

The transition to summer always brings with it a little crazy, making for some humorous real mom confessions.

1. The end of year school paper excess always suffocates my home and brings out the batty in me. Can anyone relate? The piles of papers and excess of items that somehow fit into their backpacks leave me a mixed bag of annoyed and impressed. As items started overtaking my dining room table, I turned into crazy mom and decided that every room was going to need to be reorganized. I started with my laundry room since I spend an obnoxious amount of time. Friends, it is glorious in there! Sometimes I open the door just to admire my work.

2. "Don't dance on tables." We celebrated end of school success with friends at CherryBerry and my husband had to say this aloud to our baby-est. I love that she loves to dance, but let's hope that this is the last time we are advising this way. It's just not good. Especially for a healthy relationships author.

3.  HyVee fuel saver excitement made me realize how old I was. You guys, I love a good deal. So, when we went from low fuel light to full for

$2.28 I geeked with joy. 

4. Bathroom stamina. Yep, you read that right. The other night at dinner #2 had much to share. Tired, I said, "Honey, do you ever get exhausted listening to your own voice?" I know. That's not going to win me any parenting awards, but, whatever man. And she responds, "No, but I do have bathroom stamina." My man and I looked at each other in complete confusion because, how does one respond to that?, and all 5 of us burst into laughter. "What is bathroom stamina?," I dared ask. "Does it mean you can sit on the toilet for a long time?" I know, classy dinner table talk. She laughs and says, "No, mom and dad, we work on it at school." Now I'm utterly confused and at a loss for words so Charlie takes over. "And what exactly do you do?," he prods. "Bathroom stamina is during daily 5 where you hold it because you've already gone to the bathroom and you stack up your stamina real tall to learn, which gives me more things from school to tell you about." {For the record, their teacher did let them go if they really needed to.}  

There you have it, build up your bathroom stamina and life will afford you more learning opportunity to share with others :)

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