Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Real Mom Confessions

It's Wednesday! Time to lighten the mood with Anna's real mom confessions link up, reminding us that we are all on this parenting journey together.

1. Breakfast. I realize that my children should ideally eat all sorts of well balanced meals to get their brains working in the morning, but sometimes you just go with it.  Ava wanted hot dog buns with ketchup and mustard (nothing else) the other day and I thought it was a mighty resourceful way to finish out the remaining buns so I obliged.

Who else things of Steve Martin's Father of the Bride freak out moment every time you buy hot dog buns? And why haven't they figured out to package the same quantities yet????

2. The birds and the bees.  My kids are obsessed with the "Jake from State Farm" commercials. Obsessed. They are constantly acting it out and one even brought it up to the principal when she was wearing khakis. Good thing we have an awesome principal who plays along with these kinds of things. So, the other night at the dinner table Hannah asks us if we are going to have more babies. My man and I tell her that God has given us a complete family and she says, "You might not know because on the new Jake from State Farm commercial the husband says he is done and then the wife says, 'too late.'"  Thank you, State Farm, for planting these questions. We said God is sometimes a God of surprises and moved right along. 

3. PTSD.  It is teacher appreciation week and, as you all know, I love teachers. Their presence in my life makes me a better parent.  Each day of this week parents donate yummy eats for the staff and I signed up for muffins, bringing back vivid memories from last year when I followed HGTV's suggestion of just shoving dishes/containers in the oven before people come to your house as a quick clean. It's all fine and dandy unless you forget you did it and open up your oven to a plastic mess that "looks like Elsa's castle," according to the children. Nothing burned this year and the peanut butter chocolate chip and double chocolate chip recipes turned out awesome but I did make my husband go through the batter spoonful by spoonful with me because I saw a tiny piece of egg shell fall in and my pride was at stake.  Egg shell found.  Muffin success.

4. The field trip mom. I'm just back from driving on a field trip and, you guys, I was that mom. You know, the one that sounds totally old fashioned before even getting in the car. I actually said, "Let's be our best versions of ourselves" before the van door was even opened.  Boys and girls are very different in third grade. I also found out that in pioneer times, "if you were really fancy you didn't have to bathroom in a bucket. You had a ceramic 'thunder pot.'"  Oh, how our perspective of "fancy" has changed and thank you Jesus that I was born when I was. 

What happened in your house this week?

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