Sunday, May 17, 2015

Girls, Let's Talk About Human Barbie

When the photo crossed my twitter stream I assumed it was the next Barbie ad. Until I noticed the word Human in front. My eyes did a double take as my brain tried to comprehend the freakishly Barbie-like image before me being an actual human being that walks and talks. I tried to erase the picture from my brain but it kept eating at me, luring me back and irritating me more with each view.

Until that moment I had no idea there were people with life ambition to look like a plastic doll.  I knew some argue that Barbie creates an unhealthy visual of form perfection – some points of which are valid – and, to that, parents must decide for themselves if they are comfortable with Barbie play in their home. 

We are. In our experience, our girls have used Barbie play to practice processing the world. They have Barbie weddings. Their Barbies go to school and church. Their Barbies learn and live like we dream for our girls. I know this because we’ve logged many hours playing right along with them.

But to be an adult, capable of influence, and send the message that looking like Barbie is a worthy use of one’s life emulating true beauty makes me want to vomit. I have three girls. We do not even own in scale because I want them to take care of the one body God gave them – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – NOT define themselves by a number reflecting back at them.  They are each built extremely different. They are all extremely beautiful.

My annoyance led me to research Miss Valeria Lukyanova, aka Human Barbie. It’s believed that Barbie as a human would be 38-18-34. Miss Lukaynova has exceeded in boobs and reduced in the hips, measuring 39-18-33.  My first thought was this lady’s back must really hurt and then I wondered what size is an 18” waist? It is an 18 MONTH waist line, people! According to standard sizes 2T has a 20” waist and store measurements from LL Bean, Gymboree, Kohl’s, etc. confirmed it to be true.   

Girls, if you saw these pictures and thought her perky chest and mini abs were cute let’s think a little bit more about this. Can you imagine that big of a top next to your baby sister’s PJ bottoms? They say Barbie in real life would not menstruate. It makes a world of sense. Getting one’s period is a sign of health (not just the gateway to having babies) and there is nothing healthy about an adult with that structure. Beyond that, Miss Lukyanova has said in interview that she would like to exist “on air and light alone.” Not gonna happen, honey. We were created with need for liquid and solid sustenance. To avoid nourishment is red flag of anorexia, a serious eating disorder that claims lives. You’re worth more than that, girls, and the people who love you want more for you.

To think that we are the sum of our parts minimizes our value and, I believe, takes credit from good boys/men of character out there.  They want know that you have a brain and can contribute something of value to their life.  Tiny short shorts that reveal all the things and a look alike image are not going to make you the type of girl/woman he wants on his arm.  Leave a little mystery in a functional body capable of changing the world with your uniqueness? Now we’re talking. 

I’m doubting you’re going to see a lot of Valeria Lukyanova’s in school wax museums.  When you’re crowning achievement is hair dye, surgery, and starvation to look like an item in a toy aisle there is a problem. A problem that honestly makes me sad for her despite my infuriation. 

Girls, you were created by a God who loves you so much He gave you your own look and individual talents and powerful abilities.

Just be you. Be something special.

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  1. I know people who don't teach their girls about playing with Barbies like your family does. Especially my niece and nephew. My great nieces are now 6 & 8. They have been playing with barbies since they were about 2. When they play they talk about Barbie kissing Ken, etc and putting the 2 dolls together in very inappropriate poses. They are exposed to such garbage through what they let them watch and listen too. They have already gotten messages from the 8 yr. old's teacher about how she is inappropriate with boys (whatever that means). My heart grieves for them.

    1. I'm so sorry to hear this. Praying as their parents see and hear how they are playing they can take note of what their children are thinking and use it to teach healthy values and respect. Thank you for commenting.

  2. Wow--I didn't realize that was an 18 month waist. That's crazy!


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