Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Real Mom Confessions

It's time for real mom confessions, where shedding the image of perfection makes everyone feel more comfortable in their own skin.

What's happened in my house this week?  Well, it's never boring!

1. It's heating up outside and that has made for more kids being kids playing outside. Hallelujah! However, in true kids being kids form I'm discovering interesting games like

toilet tag.

Apparently this is a 2015 version of freeze tag, only you have to be "flushed" to be freed.  The older two played it at school and taught the tiny tot so now she occasionally says, "flush me."  Oooooookay then.

2. Playing house has me making suggestions my 20 year old self would never have fathomed.  When Grace and Hannah are at school Ava loves to play house. Only, we can't just play for a little bit. She lives in the role for a very long time. In an effort not to break her heart this week, I actually found myself saying, "How about I be the cleaning lady?" so that I could multitask. We don't have a cleaning lady so she just looked at me like I had four heads and suggested I be the mom. Guess what? That still makes me the cleaning lady. :)

3. If you can't beat 'em join 'em.  All three of our little blessings had a melt down in the car the other day. At the same time. About different things. Two adults, three kids, and not enough energy to put out the fires that really just amounted to exhaustion called for drowning out the chaos with Tenth Avenue North's Worn. My man and I chalked it up to a cognitive learning experiment to see if they would hear the lyrics and straighten up with no words on our part. Ava just cried louder saying, "That's too loud," sooooo maybe not a success.

4. Time is going too quickly.  Melt downs and all, I love my littles. This week we had dance recital pictures and I looked at my three babies hand in hand in awe. We waited years before God blessed us with Grace and somehow she already is becoming a young lady. Hannah has such a classy dance I'm seeing the mature dancer budding in her. And, Ava? She was born a few days before recital in 2011. She went to recital a jaundice pumpkin in soft pink pajamas. Miss Jill, the studio owner, took her in her arms and said, "Another future dancer."

Next week her first time on the stage arrives. The future is the present. My brain can't take it.

Enjoy the moments, friends - messy meltdowns and all - because they are exactly that. Moments. Time is fleeting and "this too shall pass," both the things we wish away and times we wish we could hold on to forever. Cherish it.

xx Melissa 

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