Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Real Mom Confessions

And we're back. Shedding the perfection we put forward on social media and calling life like it is.

So what real mom confessions do I have this week?

1.  Well, first I went to bible study having prepared the wrong chapter. I was so proud of myself. I had the chapter read. I even wrote additional discussion questions for our group that came to mind as I was reading. When I entered the coffee shop, I sat my stuff down and pulled out my papers like a good little student of the Word. My friends said, "Did you write questions?" To which I replied, "Yep" and read off my first one only to hear them echo "That was last week's chapter." WHAT?! Apparently in missing a week when my hubby was out of town I got completely thrown off. Awesome. Don't be jealous that I can't bring my talents to your group :)

2.  Ava introduced us to her mad face.

Isn't that precious? I have to admit, it totally cracked me up.  The reason for her disdain was not wanting to eat her supper and this is how the conversation went down.

Me: What are you doing?
Ava: It's my mad face.
{My man and I are trying not to laugh because....funny!}
My man: Why are you mad?
Ava: Because I don't like supper.
Me: It's new. How would you know if you like it?
Ava: I just know.
Me: Can you see your eyebrows?
Her: Yes

Everyone around the table, Ava included, started laughing at that point and she decided her supper was worth a try. Much to her surprise, she liked it and licked the plate clean.

3.  I got kicked in the eye ball socket while sleeping. HARD. Apparently the tiny tot who introduced us to her mad face also decided to come into mommy and daddy's bed and she is a CRAZY sleeper. I was pretty sure that I sustained permanent eye damage. In fact, I feared a totally blood shot eye or blindness. Thankfully I experienced neither, but I did decide to gift myself sleeping happiness by leaving my own bed to sleep alone in hers. I don't care what the parenting books say. I wasn't about to wake that sleeping giant.

4.  Grace is in the midst of standardized testing. I asked her if she had any requests. She wanted donuts for breakfast. I'm pretty sure it doesn't meet the "healthy breakfast" suggestion from the school, but I called it carb loading for a mental race win. Framing is everything.

I had her eat a banana with it, but that was to clear my conscience.

5.  Hannah was full of news to share and my ears needed a moment.

Me: Hannah, stop talking.
Hannah: Mom, my voice gives me value.
Me: No, God gives you value. Always.

No matter what snafoos happened in your house this week, friends, remember that you are valued, loved, and cherished because of who He made you to be. This is good news. Especially for those of us who show up to Bible Study ill-prepared. :)

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