Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Real Mom Confessions

Last week I was reminded when we shed the Pinterest perfect facade every mama breathes a little more comfortably. Bad moments don't make us bad mamas. And, sometimes it is those very moments that add to the spice of life.
If you had a rough week don't worry, I really struggled to trim my list for this post. Just sayin' :)

1. My kids struggle with toothpaste. Especially the tiny tot. 

I submit to you photo evidence. Now, some mothers might see this and throw the toilet paper away, but I am cheap fiscally responsible. So, I went into the living room where all my blessings were playing and said, "This is mostly good. I'm going to rip off the end square and put it on the holder. Before you wipe be sure to check your angle so minty fresh only touches places of the body it is supposed to."

2. My children apparently think I'm super old. While in the car Grace says, "Oh my gosh, it's from like the 1980s when color was not allowed." To which Hannah replied, "Ya, black and white." Excuse me, WHAT?! I should probably send their lunch box love notes in hieroglyphics. It might be more fitting for my age.

3. I am not above using the bathroom for refuge and when the kids were fighting I sent my man this text.

Also, Siri was listening about as well as my kids. Don't want to listen, Siri, want.

4. Ava got food in her hair before church on Sunday. Time did not allow for a wash so I did what any resourceful mother of girls would do. That's right. I pulled it back into a twisted bun to hide the evidence. It worked perfectly, looked adorable, AND I know it will work for the dance recital so, you know, every cloud has a silver lining.

5. My man is awesome at remembering the anniversary of everything. While it is endearing, it is also annoying if you look totally clueless about a special date with your loved one. Last year, he says to me, "You know what day it is?" I gave him a blank stare. "The anniversary of the day I asked you out." Of course it is. And when I left his side I set an annual reminder in my phone to look like I remembered forevermore. The problem is, when you forget about it and ask your spouse to sync the Twins schedule into your phone calendar, you might get busted.

Oops. Charlie, I never remember this calendar date as well as you but I'll always remember the Holy Commotion trip where you asked me out. Happy 19 years of couplehood. I wouldn't want to do this funny, exhausted, blessed life with anyone else. 

How did your week go?

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  1. Ahhh my husband is the same way and remembers EVERYTHING like that..... I DO NOT.
    I also have resorted to putting it in my phone.



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