Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Real Mom Confessions

Alright, friends, let's be honest. We often put our best foot forward on social media but it is often a skewed perception of reality. Life is messy, and less than perfect, and frustrating, and funny. That is why I love that my friend Anna is doing a #realmomconfessions link up. Community in our mess. I'm in. Here is a sneak peak inside our crazy real this week:

1. Let's just start with my favorite. My oldest daughter, Grace, was part of a doctorate student's study on what makes students her age feel good. When asked about her family she said, "My mom is kind of like the dog. She likes to take naps." Ummmm.....WHAT?! Lucky for her her mom could not speak because I don't remember the last time I took a nap on any day other than Sunday. So, here I am creating a mother/daughter dance program for special time together that gets national attention and staying up till early AM hours to get my stuff done so that I can be present with and help her during the day but I am like the dog. I'm not bitter. Not at all.

2. Easter. Can we just be honest and say that dying Easter eggs is always much rosier in our heads than the experience is in reality? Not only is there the angst in the wait until the egg is bright enough, but there is the don't touch your siblings eggs, make sure everyone has a same amount, and, dear Lord, please be careful when taking them out! Those little dipper things are flimsy junk. Certainly the $1.99  paid for my kit could afford me something a little stronger than that! Twenty five percent of our eggs ended up cracked and joy was lost to sadness before we even made it to the embellishments. I tried to tell Grace she could imagine the cracked eggs to represent Jesus' power. "Nothing can keep Him down. He breaks through it all."

She didn't buy it.

3. I woke up yesterday excited for last night. Somehow watching 19 Kids feels more relaxing than taking care of my three and I actually thought, "I need to get these 3 to bed so I can watch '19 Kids.'" This is messed up, right?

4. My man is a comic. He suggested I change his name in my phone to "My Man" so I tried. Only I have multiple contacts for him in my phone because I don't know how to merge them into one so whenever he called it said, "My man or Charlie Nesdahl." That does NOT look good. Since he is phone savvy, I asked him to merge all my contacts appropriately together.  And he thought it would be funny to change his name.

It is. Until you are at the dance studio and your 7 year old says, "Mom, what does hunky mean?" or you are sending an email near the principal and she sees, "My Hunky Man."

Nesdahl's keeping it classy :)

What funny real-life messy beautiful happened in your house this week?

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  1. We didn't eve color eggs and yesterday I told our 5 1/2 yr old that the EB wasn't "real". Mom for the win!! :)

  2. What a fun idea for a dance class!

    We didn't dye eggs - my daughter is too young to remember and I couldn't fathom the idea of the mess that would happen while trying to get some pictures of her dying eggs just to say we did it.

    I LOVE 19 kids and counting.
    Have you seen Call the Midwife on PBS? I also highly recommend it.

    1. Not dying Easter eggs was probably a wise choice on all y'alls part. Thanks for the dance class comment. I'm loving it!

  3. I must start by saying I am not a mom, I am a college student trying to get through a rough week of midterms and a break-up, but this made me crack up laughing in the study lounge. Thank you for your honesty

  4. Oh mercy, I straight cackled out loud at the Hunky Man from Hunk City!! Love it, love it all. Right down to being like the dog. Bless it.

  5. I totally agree about the Easter eggs seeming a whole lot more fun in your head! :)

    1. There is comfort in company. Clearly this is something we all find to be true!

  6. Oh my goodness - this made me laugh so hard - "my mom is like the dog..." I'm sure you just lounge around all the time, right?? he he :)

    Also - my husband thought it would be funny to put me in his phone as "Angel Fart." What??? "It starts with 'a' so it's at the top of the list..." he said. Yeah, great, until it got synched with Outlook somehow, and he forwarded an email to a client and carbon copied "Angel Fart." Thank you.

    Thanks for sharing yours!!

    1. Oh my gosh. I just read the Angel Fart story to my man out loud. That is down right awesome.


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