Monday, November 24, 2014

How to Choose Joy When Joy Feels So Far Away

We’ve officially moved into Thanksgiving week.  People are buzzing with turkey preps, packing, family gatherings, and talk of thanksgiving.

But what for those who feel suffocated by life at the moment? How do you choose joy when joy feels so far away?

When diagnosis threatens, children go astray, job security is tenuous, marriages are on the edge, family discord makes the idea of a family table seem like an earthly version of the Hot Place, or maybe there is an empty chair there for the first time and the stuff of life just weighs like a millstone.  What then?

I pray you are not in this boat, but I know some of you are and it can make the seasonal joy feel trite.  And I want to speak into your heart today.

Joy isn’t gone.  JOY ISN’T GONE!!!!!
My bible study had me in Ezekiel this morning. Israel was dead as a nation. Hope was lost.  Days came and went but the sun never seemed to shine.  Not to unlike how life sometimes feels. In a vision, God takes Ezekiel to a valley of dry bones – a visual of the death Israel’s hearts are living.  And,

I smiled at a God who was preparing my heart for a true understanding of gratitude. 
Because I realized that of all the times that I've felt weakest in my life...

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