Sunday, November 9, 2014

3 Kids, 3 Stages, Books to Enjoy Throughout the Ages {National Young Readers Week}

It’s National Young Readers Week! As an author it makes me giddy with excitement to celebrate the love of reading with littles. As a mom, I get nostalgic watching my kids work for their free Pizza Hut personal pan pizzas I loved as a child.

Needless to say, when I was inspired by Casper to share our family’s favorite bedtime stories I was all in.  I mean, what greater joy is there than climbing atop a comfy mattress and getting lost in good book?

Since we’re at three different ages and stages in our house, my husband and I get in on three very different reading levels. These are their favs-

Ava (3) loves:

Just In Case You Ever Wonder by Max Lucado- This is probably my favorite children’s book of all time. Beginning with “Long, long ago, God made a decision – a very important decision…one that I’m really glad He made. He made the decision to make you ,” the story shares everything that we want our children to know. They are special, unique, chosen, and loved regardless of circumstance. Through sweet wording children hear how their parent wants to be there and talk them through it all, and how God will embrace and forever bind us. This book cannot be over-read. {Note: This story is equally fitting for adoption and makes an a very special baby gift}


Peppa Pig Ballet Lesson by Elizabeth Schaefer- Ava’s two primary loves in life at this point include dance and Peppa Pig. The combination of the two is priceless entertainment in her world.


Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr.- Eric Carle’s eye catching pictures make this fun to pick up and the textual idea repetition make this an easy toddler first read. Hence, when we have Bible time at night right before prayers this is Ava's contribution because she likes to read on her own and feel “part” of the tradition. :)

Hannah’s (7) favorites include:

The Chicken of the Family by Mary Amato- This hilarious story is about a family with three sisters, which resembles our own. In it, the older two harass the baby, telling her she’s a chicken rather than a human. Through conniving techniques, they get Henrietta to actually believe it is true and she finds the feeling of home at a chicken farm down the road. When her sisters come to get her and persuade her home before they get in trouble, lots of laughter ensues.


Mercy Watson by Kate DiCamillo-   Every one of these books is a hit. Unlike most pigs, Mercy loves cookies and toast with butter, dressing up, and sleeping in a human bed. She’s Mr. and Mrs. Watson’s pet that acts more like a child, and each story takes readers on a fun adventure in her life.


I Am Loved by Sheila Walsh- From the Gigi, God’s Little Princess line (which I’ve posted about before here and here), this devotional-like gem takes real issues girls in this season of life face and encourages them through readings, promises, prayers, and Scripture to help empower them and deepen their trust in their Maker. Hannah shares a section of this each night at Bible time.

Grace’s (9) go-to grabs include:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney– This laugh-out-loud line of books is the story of a family that has its own problems and strengths.  Greg, the main character, is in middle school. He’s got two “annoying” brothers – Manny, the toddler, and Rodrick, his older band-playing brother. Throughout the series, he encounters troubles with them as well as his crush, Holly Hills, and in his attempts to resolve them hilarity usually results.


Secret Keeper Girl Fiction Series by Dannah Gresh- This is a fun four part fiction series packed with an eternal message. In each of the books, the featured girl faces a real-life issue – a crush, breaking a school rule, embarrassment over parents, and wanting to be part of the “cool” lunch table – resulting in a decision that lands her in detention. While there, the main character finds acceptance in a group of positive peers called the Secret Keeper Club. In this healthy friendship, messages about dangerous obsessions, materialism, forgiveness, and being yourself prepares young readers to close the book a strong, more God-centered girl.  

Connect Bible (Augsburg Fortress)– This awesome Bible is complete with visually appealing icons and connects that help young one’s/readers navigate their way around the story and see God’s loving hand and consistent message shared throughout Scripture. Grace reads a passage each night at family Bible time.  

What do your young readers like to read when you snuggle up?

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  1. My children have all loved the Little House books. My son is enjoying The Bush Boys series right now and our lunch time read aloud has been Billowtail--the kids beg for me to read just a little more of this sweet book.

  2. Any book that I get excited about, the boys are eager to hear. I love snuggling and reading with my kids!!


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