Saturday, September 6, 2014

How to Throw the Best Cupcake Theme Birthday Party in Town

Three words. Oh. My. Cupcakes.

Yep. That's your answer.

This week is a big birthday week in our house. Grace will celebrate her golden ninth and Hannah turns seven. When talking about their theme idea - and this has been a carefully considered discussion since basically the first of the year - they landed on a cupcake theme.

Because they love Oh My Cupcakes, a local Christian based company whose mission is "To shine God's love and make people smile...with cupcakes," I called and was blown away by how awesome they were to work with.

These party kits were just $8 a box. 

Along with a two full size cupcakes, each child was able to pick their own sprinkle, candy, and icing color, making each box custom and special.  Just like the girls.  Grace and Hannah's had candles to add extra spark to their celebration. 

Much to our surprise, the space was decorated for our girls.


We loved the warm feel it gave the room and felt so blessed that they went this extra mile to make our girls feel valued.

As if they hadn't done enough, Oh My Cupcakes allowed us to borrow their pin the candle on the cupcake game so I didn't have to make one.  Good thing because I couldn't make one nearly this cute.

I also printed off this free Birthday Bingo download friendly for all ages to play

As a fun transition game to get the girls back to the table for the cupcake fun.

They decorated in style with these very fitting headbands I found on Target clearance,

And they moved their heaping tubes of icing to create cupcakes with their own unique flair.  Once all the cupcakes were finished, the girls went around the table to display their design and share what they named it.  We had everything from the elegant "Winter Wonderland" to our three year old's "Poop."  We Nesdahl's know how to keep things classy :)

It was most definitely a good time had by all.  And, to top off the joy found in sharing time with their besties, Hannah's kindergarten teacher, affectionately known as her "second mom," came to join in the fun.  She's the best. I wouldn't be surprised if Hannah invites her to be in her wedding someday.  Not. Even. Kidding. 
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