Saturday, June 7, 2014

KraftyKash Tiny Dancer "Dance" Necklace Sale

Y'all know how much our family loves dance.

So, when my friend KraftyKash posted this picture yesterday

(photo credit KraftyKash)

I started my 2014 Christmas shopping.

Aren't they just the most adorable necklaces for the little dancer in your life? And right now she is running a sale where you can get the dance pendant necklace with the bead color of your choice shipped to you for only $10!

These are perfect for any 4-14 year old girl, although our three year old will be getting one too :)   The hand-clipped pendant comes on an 18" chain that can be clipped to best fit the age of the special girl(s) you are buying for so indicate age for each order in the notes.  Bead choices include pink, white, green, black or teal.


Why not grab one for each of the little dancers in your life and let them show to the world how they do ministry on stage?

This handmade deal is good through June 28th, and you can place your order here

If you want to hit a homerun in the dance world, this is how to do it.  They are sure to bring smiles to the little dancers you love.  I know I can't wait for our three to arrive :)   Shhhhh......

Reminder: If the girl you are purchasing these necklaces for is 8-12 you should also enter my "8 Great Dates for Dads & Daughters: Talking with Your Daughter About Understanding Boys" giveaway. Bob & Dannah Gresh did a great job of writing a memory making, character forming book for you and your girl(s) :)

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  1. Those necklaces are so darling!! What a great way to think about dancing. I love it!!

  2. Thanks for the tip on the necklace. They are such a neat idea and I had to get one for my niece.


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